Saturday, 27 April 2013

[OST] Original Pure Vitamin C-20 Serum

Dear all, 

This month i receive [OST] Original Pure Vitamin C-20 Serum from wish company  for review purpose. =)  In fact, i am quite looking forward to it, since i read the followings from

                                                                   PHOTO GIVE CREDIT TO : Wish trend 

The best selling item of 2012 and 
the fastest effect with Vitamin C.
Need to tone up loose skin for keeping youth.
Check this great Vitamin Cosmetic Collection : WINTER'S GONE, SPRING IS HERE !

+ Includes pure Vitamin-C 20%
+ Whitening /Recovering trouble scars
+ Removing blackheads
+ Ranked the best selling item in Singapore No.1 commerce. (2012)

Brand : OST
Volume : 30ml
All Skin Type
Made in Korea
PRICE : USD 24.99


My Skintype : Combination and sensitive 

SCENT: Similar to orange flavour vitamin c =p

Texture : Serum Abit sticky but easy to apply 

Packaging : Simple packaging , the serum cap 's design is quite handy to use

Colour :   Transparent yellowy orange

Effect   :   After trying for two week, personally feel the noticeable result and greater impact on me is  the brightening and whitening part. Normally i will apply this serum before i sleep, and i can see my face is fairer and brighter just one night .

Cons :      the first try ...slightly stimulate my skin.

                                                                Before apply the serum

                                                                    After apply the serum
Anti-aging test ( Fruit Test ) : hehe, this is my very first time using fruit to test .
In fact, i feel using fruit to test is the fastest and easiest way to see the result .

              The left side one i spread with the serum , the right side one is normal fruit without serum.

                                          Lets see the result after one hours ~

hmm , i use my hand to touch the left side one, tender and smooth. and it have pass the anti-aging test ~~

the right side one, dry skin and less moisture , obviously it fail the test =)

thanks for your reading, just my two cents of thought. I looking forward to bring u more good review ^^

This post is brought to u by Wish Company  ( KOREA )

Especially thanks for your korea beauty sample too ~

Sunday, 14 April 2013


Dear all,

my blogger kaki - tony johor kaki just started a new chinese food blog , and he invited me to write a chinese  food review ( short post ^^ ) for him =)

After think twice,   i chose to write some comment a food deal bought from groupon -- Meal set from AH YIP HERBAL SOUP 阿业靓汤佛跳墙套餐

Original price for this set include rice is about RM70++ , since i bought from groupon , it only cost me RM30++ ^^ almost 50% off  for this set.  consider cheap rite?

佛跳墙是中国人出名的珍馐美食,风闻已久但就是没机会 尝到。^^ 最近有幸在groupon 网站看到阿业靓汤佛跳墙套餐有接近50%的招值优惠,所以就带着好奇及期待的心情买了一张。
而另外配上两碟菜:腐竹皮,花生,青菜以及 鸡肉,白饭。
阿业靓汤的鸡肉柔软度适中,汤底菜色等也不会重口味。食物的分量算蛮多的。服务态度也ok =) 在享用这一餐的同时,让我联想到的是同样是以药膳为主的汤师傅 ^^
总的来说,对于这个佛跳墙套餐的概念就是药材汤配上比较昂贵的食材, 所以这一餐原价也需马币七十 ++
若要给这一餐的满意程度打分数,我会给6.5        =p  ( 满分 10)


Sunday, 7 April 2013


AMOGIN DESIGN  are going to launch the new brand from Korea on 15 April 2013! Items include Men & Women Tops, Outerwear, Bags, Shoes, Dresses, Skirt, Bikinis, Pants. So now invite all your brothers, sisters, girlfriends & boyfriends to join Their  facebook ^^

Upon launching day, they will have 15 days continuous give away of our jewelry / accessories, for FREE!

Stay tuned for launching!! ^^

IF you are not familiar with amogin design do CHECK OUT my other review about amogin design ~

Forever living aloe vera gelly ( America )

Dear fans ~

how are u lately? hope u are doing well and  enjoy my recent 500 fans giveaway ~    =)
still remember i mention that  i will  bring u  aloe vera gel review?  Today is the day show u my test result after 1 month~

Kim 's Review 

1) Product colour : transparent yellow
2) Size: 118 ml size
3) Scent : light, acceptable =)
4) Texture : water gel type, a little bit  sticky
5) Suitable : all skin type (esp good for sensitive skin )
6) Effective on me --
In fact, i found the gelly is quite multifunction, can use for many ways :

a. Healing -- my leg got wounds and i put on the aloe vera gelly , and i found it is enhance the healing process  =)

b. Soothing-- my skin is sensitive  , easily to allergic. I put on the aloe vera gelly, whenever my face allergic and red . And it effectively soothing my skin redness about 1 hours.

c. Hydrate--i apply the aloe vera gelly whenever i found my skin is dehydrated.

d. Sun burn treatment/ Cooling gel Mask:  store some aloe vera gelly to fridge, and after few hours, apply thick layer to your face, and i addicted to the cool cool feel on my face ^^

e .Its  quite easily absorb by skin.

7) Ingredients:

100% stabilize aloe vera gel ...etc ( refer to the picture below )

                                   Before apply aloe vera gel, can c my face is allergy

                                       after apply, it help soothing my skin ^^

Anyone interested to know more about this product details can

Contact         Julia 
Email:     ( **Small gift is provided for u , once u contact her  **  ^^ )

Picasa album:
Official Forever Living Website

P/S : attach here with some chinese product information from website , hope it will enhance your understanding =)

Aloe Vera Gelly 芦荟胶乳 118ml



产品特点 + 功效

- 皮肤问题的及时护理 [包括暗疮(消炎祛痘),湿疹,牛皮癣,热痱及太阳灼伤]
- 适合用在晒伤、割伤、刮伤和其他皮肤损伤上,并迅速修复受损的细胞组织,促使细胞再生 (如蚊虫叮咬)
- 帮助减轻皮肤痕痒,肿,发炎以及减低感染 (消肿止痛、止痒止血)
- 补水之王: 帮助皮肤保湿






~ 含有高达100%稳定芦荟(纯芦荟)
~ 镇定受刺激的皮肤
~ 迅速吸收
~ 不含油脂,不弄脏衣物
~ 适合用于所有的皮肤类型,甚至敏感肌肤
~ 舒缓轻微割伤,烧伤,粉刺,暗疮
~ 舒缓皮肤状况如湿疹,牛皮癣,皮疹,辐射灼伤
~ 适合作为润肤霜和保湿面膜
~ 其他用途 - 痔疮,头发造型凝胶,蚊虫叮咬

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


woot~ any cros fans here ? =p
warehouse sales is coming to jb ksl city, i just saw this news from a blog : jessying  =)

Some cros fashion shoes design is simple and nice , but my skin actually abit sensitive , therefore normally i will avoid to wear the rubber shoes  T.T

by the way, i will announce the 500 fans giveaway winner very soon =)

make sure u have liked my fb page ^^  , and wait for surprise =)