Sunday, 26 May 2013


Dear fans~

I wondering anyone of u ever try 3 in 1 cleanser ? which means one product --combine clean , toning, moisture function =)

Last two month i receive an invitation to review a--BIO MYTH Snow Bubble Cleanser ( 3 in one fuction ), a new product which haven't official launch to Malaysia. Formuted from Japan. 
Product Price ( To Be Adviced ) : RM 129 ++

Judge from the bottle,  product 's benefit --
Free fragrance  , No tear formula , hydrate , whitening and suit for all skin type  ^^
150ml size

Product Description :  
Mild, non -stimulating , close to PH of human skin, with delicate bubbles can clean the skin throughly , and will not feel tension after washing. And bringing u a brighter skin =)
Shelf time : 3 year 

Ingredients : 

( Chamomile Extract 甘菊-- Soothing sensitive skin , Hyaluronic acid 玻尿酸--  retain moisture of skin )

                              One pump enough for one face wash ~ i love the delicate bubble . The scent similar to sweet sugar =o  

Cleaning test :  

( My skin type : combination & sensitive)

                                                         My face with bb cream 

Result after using biomyth cleanser:

Bubbles easily spread to the face, the product is mild , with no tear formula i can even wash the area which close to the eye  . My pores is clean, look brighter. After wash i can feel the moisture layer on my skin.
Usage for me : 2 month plus ( wash twice daily )

( Gentle Reminder:  for heavy make up lady, i suggest u still using make up remover will be more safety =p 
for dehydrate skin, i still recommended u using serum , moisturizer  )

Problematic skin testing:

for further ensure the product effectiveness, i have invite one collegue poem  try out the product . She is a daily make up office lady which suffering a problematic skin .

POEM  'S Review : ( after testing 2 week )

洗脸霜味道好闻, 泡泡系列 , 能够更深入毛孔清理肌肤污垢。脸上两颊原有很多面疱,带红肿,用了此洗脸霜两周后,改善红肿问题。洗后也不会紧绷,脸部很舒服。


 To be truth , Before i using biomyth cleanser , i still thinking specialized product then can get great effect for skin. However after using biomyth , i change my mind  . ^^

It will be a ideal product for 

#  for busy guys =p ( i know some guy just using soap only o.o ) ,
#  for travelling --due to  3 in 1 fuction ,very convenient ( but i do hope got 75ml smaller size XD  )
# for Sensitive skin ( due to chamomile soothing effect & no fragrance ^^  )

For further information , can email to


  1. Sounds like a fun cleansing product! I love bubble/foam cleansers. XD

  2. never use bubble cleanser before...but people always say bubble cleanser help to clean face deeply

  3. Ya, this buble is delicate. N deep cleaning pore , i am sure u will love it :0

  4. result looks very promising ! I shall try it ! :D

  5. Oh this cleanser sounds really cool to my skin!
    Many thanks for the review!

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