Sunday, 5 May 2013

Charms & Vee

Dear all~

if u got noticed my facebook updated status, u will know i still in a running nose mode =(  . Recently whether no good, alot ppl fall sick, really hope all of us can get well soon  =o

today  i  would like to show u a lovely handmade bracelet i received  from Charms &  Vee. It chase away  my monday blue =p

Charms & Vee Quote~

Gorgeous, Lovely, Simple and Charming charm bracelets handcrafted with passion and 

LOVE! Varies in colours and designs that will charm you dearly!! Only from Charms&Vee! :)

                                        i love charms & vee packaging esp the label ~ it look so cute and girlish

                                                              Lets c what is inside =p

                               it was a lovely surprise =p before that i dunno charms & vee chosen which handmade bracelet for me ~

It just suit me , isn't it ?  i am wearing Charms & Vee  lovely lily series 's  handmade bracelet.
bracelet's quality is  good.
the price i checked is RM28 ( Exclude postage )
also quite affordable price for a handcraft item =)

i am lucky enough Charms & Vee is given me this product review chance  =p , really looking forward to review more quality jewelry in the future =)

if you are a charm / jewelry lover , just feel free to visit 
or just email :

u might found your favourite there ^^

This rabbit label sounds familiar ? Recently kl trip i have bought a cute shoes from jelly bunny =p
stay tunes , i will update my haul to u Soon ~!