Thursday, 27 June 2013

Fibre go

Hi all :) recently i receive new fibre product from ( onlybeauty ) for review purpose . Lolz it seems a good deal for me since i have constipation problem :x

Traditional fibre drink normally left me a nightmare , esp the colour and the tasting @.@
So lets see ,whether A life marketing 's fibre product can change my view towards fibre drink ~

1)Packing-- simple, 15 satchet , can consume 15 days :)

2)Taste-- its quite sweet, taste like vit.c orange drink
So i need to add more water.

Recommended -- add in cold water instead of hot water

3) Ingredients--greentea extract, orange citronova, soya powder fibre..etc

4) Effect: its quite effective on me, everytime i consume one satchet, the following day i will go to toilet twice.most important thing is can go toilet  without  great pain.

5) Price: RM85 per box , affordable price for me .
Seriously,I reallyconsider to buy one box for detoxify my body ; p

Thanks for your reading :) hope next time can review beauty slimming drink too :0

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