Friday, 7 June 2013

Samsung note 2 limited edition brown

I wondering how many of my blog fans love brown :)

For food , brownie is my top favourite =p

For bag , i love brown colour bag ,because it easily match with my daily suit and attend the casual occasion.

In life, Having a personality color brown means you are honest, down-to-earth and wholesome, salt of the earth people with both feet planted firmly on the ground.

As for  relationship, brown represent sincere, truthful loyal companionship:)
Still remember 
101次求婚 ( 101st Marriage Proposal )101回目のプロポーズ ) this japanese timeless television drama  ? ( Drama theme song is Say yes by Chage and Aska ) . The female lead actress 浅野温子  (  Atsuko Asano  ), which  good at playing cello.

                   Eventually, found her true love from a down to earth guy ?

As for handphone case, no doubt  i will falling in love with  wooden brown case :0 therefore i will pay more attention to the brand which release solid wooden brown colour =p

Recently, I heard samsung is release a limited edition amber brown note 2 , this is such a good news for me. ~!  Guess they r thoughtful n wanna take care for the customer needs jus like me.  ~.~

 let me show u , if u havent saw it.

tada~ this is the one--Limited edition Amber Brown Note II

hmm look good ,  can i describe it as  loyal companionship too ?

                                          Look classic and elegant =p

Bravo brown o.o I noticed the RPP is RM 1999 for Amber brown note II
woot , really wish to own one.
not getting enough of amber brown infor. or picture ?
visit samsung website =D

thanks for the reading and being my blog fans  , hoping next time can  bring u more variety review =)  just stay tunes ^^

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