Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Hi test and share readers :) i am curious that none of u ever told me that u consume any drink or specific product to maintain your weight.

Recently, my first organic soya dietary supplement  review chance is given by Onlybeauty & A- life marketing sdn.bhd.
And this is so- call my blogging life 's another breakthrough for this year :)

See, this is the product i gonna try .

                       Very simple packaging,  I noticed this box worth   WM RM135.

                                 It was a Product of malaysia but  formulated by usa.


Organic soya powder
Green tea extract
Vitamin & mineral premix
Pandan flavour

I only noticed above ingredients , judge from the 4 ingredients , it was a supplement for health and lose weight supplement. Green tea extract is for burn fat purpose.=0

 7 days 2 satchet per day for slimming purpose. Vegetarian can consume too =)

                                                    15 g each

Caution : The soya powder become like this if met air for a long period.


* mix the content in a glass of water, stir and consume immediately.
* take 1-2 satchet daily

Tips :
*After compare using   hot or cold water stir the drink   .
 I suggest u  consume with hot water if u wanna a tasty hot soya drink.
*keep in cool dry place

Flavour--it taste great , it jus like a soya drink u bought from pasar malam . :0
It smell good too .^.^


I still taken 3meal daily as usual.i feel every time i consume 2 satchet, eventually i will go to toilet 2 times,
And it successfully Improve my constipation problem, plus no significant pain for me whenever nature call    :) i am pleased that it helps to solve my constipation problem, and no need force myself drink those weird taste fibre drink...

For slimming, seriously it need  take month then can see result.(refer to onlybeauty soyafitz data)

Hmm, one more thing i noticed, during review period, i will b more energetic , stay late than normal . I wondering is it because of green tea extract .
Anyway, everyone body condition is different :)
Just a simple sharing to u ~

For more information.
Do visit www.a-life.com.my

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