Thursday, 15 August 2013



Test and share readers 〜 last week I receive beautymate mask from hishop for review purpose.Today I gonna show u my rating towards the product :)

Beautymate mask was introduce as
Banish early signs of aging and beautify dry skin with collagen peptide multi-penetrates skin's underlying layer with hyaluronic acid, aloe and the other moisturizing ingredients.Suitable for all skin types especially dry & sensitive skin.


Intensive moisture, anti-aging and enhances skin elasticity.

What I love : 我喜爱的是

1.quite stick to my face 超服贴
2. Hyperhydration 面膜精华液超保湿
3. Low stimulation on my skin 低刺激性
4. I like the mask scent,it ease my mind. 面膜淡淡香味,纾解我紧绷的神经。
5. Continuously provide cooling function 持续性释放清凉感,脸在敷后有冰凉的残留感。

What I not so love :

1. Paper mask material need handle with care since it easily torn. 稍微拉扯就会破的面膜纸质
2. The mask size can't covered my whole face. 无法覆盖我整张脸。

Suitable : dehydrate and sensitive skin 适合干性缺水肌肤

Lastly I got a good news wanna share with u~ that is beautymate mask is having 20% promotion on ends on 31 AUG 2013.

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