Sunday, 1 September 2013

KLT Mooncake vs JB city square 锦綸泰月饼Vs 新山城中坊

Hi all~ last weekend having Mooncake stall visit at Johor Bahru city square . I would like to show u the picture taken there. And my favorite Mooncake :)

The decoration for Mooncake festival is nice ~

I manage to get one of the lantern, since I purchase over Rm150〜

the first stall I saw was KLT .锦綸泰。〜still got other stall eg. Sds, season,友爱。。I love doraemon on package one, but feel abit expensive ..

I suspect my colleague see through my mind, she bring me some KLT Mooncake><

I notice got few flavor like red bean, charcoal sesame, single York.

But this is my favorite since I love pandan lotus .

It look like Shanghai Mooncake , however when I have the first bite, I feel the layer so thin, doesn't similar to shanghai Mooncake at all~

Lol pls forgive me for the poor cutting skill =x since it was chop by a chopstick  instead of a knife ><
But it still doesn't ruin it's tasty. Yum yum . Green bean,York,pandan lotus mix together is good, I would love it more if it was not so sweet. :)
Compare with this, charcoal sesame is not so sweet, but i dun like much sesame flavor ><

Wats yr favorite Mooncake? Do share with me ~

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