Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Delicious restaurant food tasting

Hi all, recently I receive some delicious group voucher from friends.

and I decided to give it a try since Johor Bahru citysquare already got one delicious restaurant :)

Haha from this picture ,can u guess how it look like?

Tada , feel the ambience is ok. Decoration is normal . Only few ppl and foreigner visited there at the time I dining there :)

Open the menu, full of pasta, western food,dessert.but the price is quite high since I saw a nasi lemak set can reach over RM20++ luckily I got some voucher can get discount .

This is one of the main dishes I chose, after asking the waitress. Hainainese chicken chop consider popular dishes there. Cost around Rm 20++ the tomato sauce just match this dishes.

Umm this pasta got ham,mushroom. The sauce taste nice but too bad is too cheesy .if not it will be greater :)

Okay, talk to u next time. ~bye

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  1. I like their pasta carbonara, hehe~ Never tried their hainanese chicken chop before, but it looks so good! :D