Tuesday, 1 October 2013

October haul: pandora style bracelet from rakuten Malaysia

Hi all~ I have been searching pandora style bracelet for few month, and I found this pieces quite attract me, therefore have make a new haul through rakuten Malaysia, a online shopping market :)

                                   Beautiful, right?

          i like  Sakura item :) 

The real pandora charm normally cost over rm 100, if whole bracelet with diff. Charm at least 1k @.@
However , this one is 169 buck after discount ,even not cheap for  for me still affordable. ~The quality average ok, since it was silver plated :p
Ok, if next time still got buy any special fashion item will share the picture with u again :)



  1. The bracelet is really pretty~ ^^ Love the flower charms, hehe~

  2. Sooo pretty!! I like this so much!! Looks very nice and cute! :)

  3. It looks so real! I love Sakura too! :DD

  4. haha ya. but all pandora style bracelet not cheap. lucky this one quality ok and cute =p