Sunday, 27 October 2013

Thayers Rose Witch Hazel WIth Aloe Vera Toner ( U.S.A)

Hi all~

May I know any fans here love rose scent product? If yes, then this blogpost is for u :)
Recently I receive Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Toner for review purpose through butterfly  project malaysia blogging 101 school chapter 1 event. Product sponsor is Natta Cosme. ( a beauty product online selling portal u can find them at )

What a beautiful n cute package ~ that's my first thought when I open up the beauty box.
I will show u one by one those cute kits I receive ~

Before I start out the product review I open up the letter from Natta Cosme :p

Through the letter I know that , toner I receive is a alcohol free, rose petal water which contain  witch hazel, certified organic filet of aloe vera .

Made in U.S.A , thayers is a old brand since 1847,
The seal is safe enough,Packing is simple n nice, I really get addicted to the fresh rosé scent when I open up the toner cap :)

Besides that, I also attracted by a pill , which look like a vitamin pill.

Lolz ,luckily I saw the instruction and know it was a message hiding  in the pill.
It was written that the cotton I receive ,named : Lily Bell -Lilian Puff
 . Cotton pads are commonly used to apply toner on face for better absorption. What Do You Think?

Hmm I feel the cotton layer is thin n softer than the guardian brand I using.

Kinda surprise when I saw the Natta Cosme is attaching famous Egyptian Magic Cream,I was tempted to try it for few month already XD
My skin is brighter after my first try ,despite its oily texture.

Pour some rose toner to the cotton, u could see that is a transparent liquid type toner.
After try it within two week,

I found some feature I love, and not so love:

What I love --

1. Paraben free, glycol free, alcohol free, organic certified aloe Vera 
2. Rose petal water with fresh rosé scent
3. Easily absorb by the skin
4. Can further remove the residue after cleanser
5. Dry to normal skin can use.
6. Acceptable price RM55 , current promotion price at Natta Cosme Rm45

What I not so love --

My skin is sensitive n thin, therefore i feel it did stimulate my skin ,even it doesn't contain alcohol, but I recall  my first try i did feel the chilly feel and My skin adapt to this product about one week. However , one of my  blogger fren  dun have this experience.


If u interested to purchase at Natta Cosme( , that is a good news for u. 
Just key in discount code

Then u can enjoy the RM5  off ( for purchase above RM50)
expired 15/01/2014

And stay tunes, next blogpost I gonna share with u the avene workshop I attend at JB KSL resort and new giveaway coming soon ~

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