Saturday, 2 November 2013

Avène Malaysia beauty workshop KSL resort,Johor Bahru.

Hi all~

Remember I told u that I attend the Avène beauty workshop at KSL resort, Johor Bahru which fall on 26 oct 2013?

Kinda excited , because as i know Avène workshop mostly at KL only.

                                  photo give credit to Avène Malaysia | Facebook
                                          Arrived there before 2pm :)

 I noticed there was some traveling size product ,booklet ,sponge , hairpin on the table.i reckon that's for practical part.

                                  photo give credit to Avène Malaysia | Facebook

                                    About 60 ppl attend the workshop ~

                                 photo give credit to Avène Malaysia | Facebook

Cheryl, the senior brand manager  ( Avène Malaysia ) is the speaker which introduce the 
Avène  background and skincare routine.

At past, even though 
Avène thermal spring water is my all time favourite for soothing my skin condition whenever i feel my skin is redness or itchy. As for the brand behind story  i  dun really know much until Cheryl elaborate at the workshop.

Avène history
It all began in 1736...

The therapeutic use of Avène Thermal Spring Water goes back a long way, and for more than 250 years, Avène Thermal Spring Water has been recognised for its soothing and softening properties on Sensitive Skin.

The curative powers of the water were discovered by chance when a horse afflicted with severe skin rashes was cured after drinking and bathing in the water. The fame water from Avène spread far beyond the borders of France: Avène Thermal Spring Water was successfully used in treatment of severe burns after the Great Fire of Chicago in 1871. This healing power comes from Avène-les Bains (The Avène Baths) thermal spring water in southern France, which has been declared to be of public benefit in dermatology since 1874.

Avène Thermal Spring Water takes in vital minerals and trace elements as it filters through the rocks of the River Orb Valley. After a subterranean journey lasting over 40 years, the water emerges at the spring, rich in soothing and softening properties. Its well-established properties, acknowledged by numerous dermatological studies, make Avène Thermal Spring Water the ideal care for sensitive skin.

Launched in 1990 the Eau Thermale Avène skincare brand was created to capture these same healing benefits to soothe sensitive skins worldwide. Avène is widely recognized as #1 in French pharmacies among dermo-cosmetic skincare brands and also the most recommended by dermatologists and pharmacists worldwide.

Cheryl require us to do a small test by spray the bottle type mineral water and  Avène spring water on the paper. :)

Can u see the blue circle one (bottle type mineral water) still remain on the paper surface, while the pink circle one (Avène ) is spreadable and obviously already absorb by the paper.

Skin routine six step:

1. Make up removal






Kim says :
 the strength of  Avène spring water  can be concluded as -- 
1)it is a great natural spring water for sensitive skin. More on curing purpose rather than just a beauty spray.
2)contain silica for soothing and protect.
3)less contaminated opportunity since the packing centre is quite near the spring area. 
4)Appropriate amount of mineral contain .( exceed amount will lead to dry skin)

After the speech section, we move on to the practical part ~
The followings skin routine is for my sensitive n combination skin ( product may vary for diff skin type)

First , we gotta using the micellar lotion(all skin type), to remove the eye and face make up. I love this liquid type make up remover,jus like a water. Oil free and paraben free.   Y(^_^)Y

Second,using extremely gentle cleanser to double clean .

                          Third, toning : Avène spring water. (All skin type)

  •           Forth : I chosen deep moist lotion 

                            We spray the Avène spring water on the mask ~

                 Love this "masking" section, everyone is enjoy it, sit back n rest for 15 min ~

                            Avène  staff assist us during the mask section 

    Put on the soothing hydrating serum after mask section.

    Moisture : light hydrating cream

    Protect: This is the lastest step, I like this new day protector, suit for Asian skin and not so oily :)

                             One of the lucky winner for the Q & A section.

    Before ending the workshop , some special discount item exclusive for workshop

                                       photo give credit to Avène Malaysia | Facebook

                        photo give credit to Avène Malaysia | Facebook

    Taken photo with Jaclyn and Cheryl from Avène Malaysia :) its nice to met both beauties (^○^)

    Thanks for yr reading , do comment here if u would like to try Avène product, I will chose lucky blog fans here :)
    (Eligible for Malaysia residentials address, ending on 15 nov 2013 ) ~

    Lastly, make sure u liked Avène Malaysia Facebook for updated promotion, infor.


    1. I'd love to try their product... :)

    2. the workshop looks informative leh~
      Avene products are really good and mild on skin~

    3. I've use the spring water but I have no idea it can use for masking purpose. May I know what texture of soothing hydrating serum?
      I do LOVE to try other products beside spring water ^_^

    4. i want to try , i want to try !

    5. Princess: Ya, their product is contain the avene spring water which totally good for sensitive skin :) you key, I only rmb is thin texture, u can try that serum at sasa first :) I also feel amazed totally love their make up remover :)

    6. I realli wish to win:)) heheee

    7. nice event! i would like to try Avène products.

    8. Aaawwww, i wanna try!! Avene has really nice product range! =)

    9. Would love to try Avene's products....heard many good reviews about them ^-^