Friday, 15 November 2013

Jill Stuart Xmas 2013 limited edition comestic set

So beautiful ~ it was release on 01 nov 2013 at Taiwan. It's a strawberry theme xmas comestic set which include eye shadow palette, loose powder , limited edition. strawberry pouch, mascara n lipgloss. All of them got strawberry sweet scent.
Nt. 2500 per set. Really wish can grab it all ~

我本身是 jill stuart 粉丝 , 留意到今年的圣诞他们推出的是爱恋草莓彩妆组,包含了蜜粉,睫毛膏,唇彩,限量版草莓化妆包,眼影盒,每一个都散发甜甜草莓香味。建议售价Nt.2500 .目前只用过他家的四色腮红拼盘,在考虑着买新的了,可能等春季新产品发布吧。。越看越可爱呐,好想搜集完全部噢。。


  1. JS products are all so cute!! (But expensive >_<) I really want to try their blusher~

  2. Haha ya . I last time ask colleague bought back rm140 per pcs :)

  3. I'm a big fans of jill stuart too! Love their packaging all the time <3 <3 Maybe can list it under my christmas wish list XD
    Just followed your blog :))

  4. Hi thks for followed :) ya their package is too way princessy n sweetness. I also new follower of yr blog :)