Friday, 8 November 2013

O.S.T Vitamin Sleep 9-5 Crema

Hi all, last month I receive O.S.T vitamin sleep nine to five creama from wish company (korea) for review purpose.

Website introduction  --

Vitamin Sleep 9 to 5 Crema

Quick Overview:

The super synergy, Vitamin C Effect !

It can pull out the best result

if used with OST Vitamin C together.

Even after only sleeping for 5h,
Seems as though you slept for 9h.

Soft & Light Texture.
+ Increases the absorption of
   Vitamin C to the skin layer.
+ Best quality hydrating ingredients. 


Brand : OST
Volume : 50ml
All Skin Types
Made in Korea

The reason why I chosen it , simply because it can pair with my OST vitamin c serum I using now :)

As u know, Malaysia is a hot summer country , most of the gal wishing for a fairer skin. And it included me. Vitamin c is a good nutrients that can bring us a bright n fair skin.
lets see whether  OST vitamin c cream is workable on me.

The Vitamin C 9-5 Crema :

Scent-- strong vitamin c scent, if u ever eat chewable vitamin c pill then u know what I mean :)

Texture--  Eventhough it state is cream, but I doesn't feel is oily, is acceptable even normal skin.

Nature-- Mild, it doesn't stimulate my sensitive skin :)

Colour -- White

Size -- quite big , 50ml size

Shelf life -- once open, finish it within one year :)

For best result , I pair it with the vitamin c serum ~

My first try is left face apply OST vitamin c serum n 9-5 creama, right face I just apply normal cream with grape juice ingredients. And the OST result is visible . Just one night, my colleague said my left face is bright n fairer if compare with right face. 

Hmm it is a picture I taken . Before is my plain face without apply anything, the after pic is I apply OST serum and 9-5 Crema in same day .

I will continue using it, because the first try my colleague 's comment have give me the confidence ~

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