Sunday, 8 December 2013

100 Plus (interactive vending machine ) win your day campaign , KSLJohor Bahru :)

Hi  all~

If u got notice my Facebook updates recently, then u will know that yesterday I just participate 100 plus win yr day campaign at KSL shopping mall, Johor Bahru :p

Reach there about 11am, and get to know the game started at 12pm .oo am I too early for it? Just take a photo first , since got time hehe

Selfie with 100plus interactive vending machine :D

Three beautiful lady will be assist u through whole game :)

After lepak a while, the campaign ready to start :p

      Lolz I am the first ppl to demo >.< , gotta login Facebook and start the game.

    Really feel nervous o.o. , hope I dun 'die' in the game , as every gamer is given 5 life @.@

                     Lol I just realize I have act as a 100plus can on the road.

                   And I gotta 'Siam' (away from) all the obstacle by keep left,right or jump .

                                   Still on the road 0.0 , after met a lot obstacle jus now~

Omg i finish the game :D the interactive machine show the congratulations message ~!

                             Time for redeem my prizes ~'

                     Tada, my rewards ~100plus baby :p 

                             Lolz ~more n more ppl feel interesting n keen to have a try

                                 This guy is calm enough 0.0

                    Before I leaving , still got ppl keep staring at the vending machine, and more n more ppl conquer the game :)

In fact, I found the game  quite interesting, would like  to play again, too bad I gotta go.
If u tempted to play the game , do paid attention to the schedule below :)


Cya, thanks 100plus bring us a wonderful  game experience~

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