Sunday, 8 December 2013

Johor Bahru Bear Paw Burger 新山手工熊掌靤

hi all, I was searching the bear paw burger since I saw facebook ppl say that's is at KSL shopping mall, JB. I google all the information, included  the exact location is opposite the movie theatre, and near salon.

However, the KSL structure is too messy :x even alot jb ppl also dunno got this kiosk existed ..
therefore after I ask few ppl, and search for three round, finally I saw the destination.(it's a kiosk , not a shop )

Lolz y I got a feeling that I just accomplish a great task ~ :x 食字路口任务完成 〜

I get this chicken panda burger with thousand island sauce , plus honey green tea at RM9.90.

Besides milk skin I have chosen , u still can chose wheat burger skin,  
There are mini size panda paw burger too :p
Umm the taste is average, other than the cute burger skin, dun feel any special XD
U must ask y just two pic, haha.
Really feel paiseh when I feel like taken the signboard photo  @.@

Anyway, u can just come KSL and found yours.heard the real Taiwan 正宗熊手包 will enter citysquare
Johor Bahru, really looking forward ~


  1. aiyoh should come and ask me mah~~ I love to search yummy food so I know where are them hehe!

  2. So cute~ ^^ Got one opening at Paradigm Mall soon, I want to go try :D