Wednesday, 18 December 2013

My December haul-- Winter Xmas theme :p

Hi all,
Today feel like showing u some of my haul bought at this u love fury item, tempted to wear the winter item just like the Korea gal?

                 Photo taken at Liz Lisa :)

This is my dream suit, however Malaysia weather is doesn't allow me to wear like this lolz~
Later ppl say u 'kisiao' Lolz joking~

Let me show u some of my lovely item :p

Hehe I love this new pair earring~ 独角兽木马耳环〜

                      大爱毛毛领 cuteness overload ~fury item by Korea

                         This hair clip also from Korea , suit elegant dress

          Lolz my hair still too short for this, buy from kiosk KSL 

                         hmm I think this look ok ~it will suit plain round neck dress :p

Cya, wish u merry Xmas in advance ~


  1. The earring so cute! :D And love the furry collar, hehe~ I also want to dress kawaii like that but will be too hot and people will think i'm crazy, hahaha!

  2. wow ur items all so cuteeeee lah!!! All my types! Like Like!!!

  3. wauuu sooo cute.
    it suit u perfectly

  4. Haha Laura, the furry collar is not so exaggerate lol I wear it at IMAX launch :p
    Princess n ika thanks ~ my item all cute cute or pinkish ~ love