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Craft de hearts handmade jewelry

Hi all,

If you all familiar with me, u will surely know that I am a handmade jewelry lover :) Recently, I was approach by Juliet ,one of the founder of craft de hearts handmade jewelry to write a blogpost regarding to their services :)

U may ask what is craftdehearts ?  Browsing their Facebook ( which started at august 2013) ,they are positioning themselves as a  one-stop accessories and gift with everything 's handmade shop which based in Malaysia,Johor Bahru, and Singapore. 一站式的手工首饰,精品商店。

Their Service covered :
- Customizations Accessories 量身订做各种首饰
- Charms Accessories and beaded Accessories
- Handphone Cover design 手机封套
- Paper Craft
- Wedding Events : Door gift/Brides Maid bracelets/PhotoFrame(Papercraft)/Tags 相框,伴娘手链
- Hair Accessories 发饰
- Swarovski Beaded Accessories 施洛奇特水晶串珠首饰
- Wholesale Service
- Distributions (T&C kindly email us at )
Despite their location, they ship worldwide〜

Wow seems awesome, isn't it.

Craft de hearts team is consist of a gang of crafters aka friends which love creative idea, design and having the same enthusiasm on handmade and dream. :) 

Juliet and Serissa in charge of designing vintage, silver,stainless steel, etc accessories ( from head to toe ), Phoebe is a Qing dynasty drama lover therefore her designing hairpin is mixing the classic element :) ,  Elyn mainly In charge of swarovski beaded accesorry. Annie mainly in charge of designing,crafting  the theme photo frame , greeting cards eg: friendship, baby,wedding,couple. 
Sophia, is in charge of the handmade hand phone cover, from design, chosen the material, put on the bead/diamond etc .In hokkien/teochew dialect, we say 'baokaliao' (≧∇≦)Haha I really can't think of another word to describe it XD

So u gotta convince that craftdehearts is a shop which  capable of provide the excellent handmade customised service from head to toe for you , so far, they don't charge the customised fee :)

In order to test out their handcraft skill, I asking for a customize service from Juliet :)

1) Purity bless bracelet 

I told Juliet that,  I like the purity bless bracelet design from craft de hearts website, however i feel pink pearl may suit me too since I am a fair skin lady :p

Tada, this is my customized order . Juliet chosen the sharp red match with the deeper pink fraux pearl . Elegant and feminine. Suitable for dinner occasion . Love it ~  Y(^_^)Y

       The handcraft skill is good, so far I doesn't find any minor mistake :p I think it give credit to their QC, they will inspect all the item before sending out to customer :)

  Fraux pearl bracelet is beautiful , but must be careful from being scratch.

2) Pandora inspire bracelet

Hmm , this is the bracelet I won from mode Malaysia (Facebook) , and the crafter coincidentally is craftdehearts too :p  It suit for my daily occasion :)

Sparkling crystal pave , pewter silver make this bracelet beautiful. Be caution, while open the bracelet lock,the charm may drop if you doesn't handle with care. XD . 
Do not wet with water, liquids,perfume or chemical , since chain will tarnish and oxidize :) and make sure to keep your accesory in a moist free area. If done all the step, your accessory surely can enjoy a longer life :p

Craftdehearts provide free refix as an after sales service, just email .However the courier fee need to be bear by buyer  :)

Valentine  is coming soon I am really drolling over their special item for valentine (☆_☆)

     Item : Forever Valentine
     Price : RM 71.00 / SGD 35.50 / USD 28.50
Bead: Swarovski crystal AB & Swarovski creamrose pearl match with a stainless steel love charm and magnetic claps.
                                                O.o madly in love with this ~

     Item name: Infinity spark  (swarovski bicon 4mm, 18cm necklace,available in any colour)           

                                                Item name: 甜蜜之旅 
                            Price : RM 42.00 / SGD 21.00 / USD 17.50

                                                  Item name : 鸟语 

                                    Price : RM 45.00 / SGD 22.50 / USD 18.80

    Item name: love blossom 花季恋情 

Price : RM 33.00 / SGD 16.50 / USD 13.80
Phoebe says she will bring in more variety hairpin which combine the classic and trendy ~

Phoebe classic hairpin really look nice on the model ~love this (^O^)

Item name: Victorian ruby 

Price: RM 66.00 / SGD 33.00 / USD 27.50
Elyn 's Swarovski crystal 串珠 bracelet quality extremely good and sparkling, personally love its black and white combination , suit for all occasion ( ever saw it in real, really impressive ^_^ ) 

Item name: Forever love 

Price : RM 85.90 / SGD 42.90 / USD 35.80
Special valentine theme photo frame, Annie says her photo frame can be hang on the wall or as a desktop photo frame .and more personalized photo album is coming soon :)

                                Price : RM 18.00 / SGD 9.00 / USD 7.50

               Addictive to its potion key charm ~abit like the Alice wonderland 's potion :p

Item : Shine Like Diamond ( Black / Blue)
Only Available for
Iphone model: 4 / 4s , 5 /5s.
Samsung model: S3 ,S4 .
Price : RM 100.00 / SGD 50.00 / USD 41.70
Not consider valentine theme :)  but the design look so nice,  Love it.

if you tempted to customized a vintage accessory for your love one for this double valentine , can browsing craftdehearts website catalogue, variety charm is available from RM2-5 each . Personally,love the lollipop one hehe

This is the on going craft de hearts promotion for the up-coming double valentines special, just purchase one of the valentines special label on the picture item and mix with other item are entitle to enjoy the benefits of the discount price ♡  

After read my post ,if u wish to find out more about craftdehearts handmade accessories , can visit/follow

Lol I feel it kinda drag and long blogpost indeed, but its ok la since I love all those handmade item too haha, I need to start telling myself dun buy too much ,omg , craftdehearts handmade jewelry is tempted me XD

I do produce a short video dedicated to craftdehearts team, u all can feel free and take a look ,feeling fun when created it :p

Video link:

As usual, thanks for your reading :) have a nice day ahead~

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  1. So beautiful, hee hee girlfriend recently prepared a birthday, intends to buy copies of jewelry to give her a surprise, she is more like swarovski, but I do not know that the swarovski bangle style looks better, you to the point.