Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Food panda online food delivery service reaching town Johor Bahru 〜

Hi all~

I wondering how many of u are food panda fans here? For me i got a deep impression about foodpanda ad the icons of panda is just too cute :p

For the readers who dunno what is food panda :) , it can be explain as an online food delivery service which associate with different restaurant eg: season ,sakae sushi,Starbucks etc.~
Recently , I trying my first order from


And I immediately found i in love with the website , its quite friendly user :) 

First of all, u gotta select yr city (eg.Johor Bahru) and location (taman) and it will list down the available restaurant for your area ~and as the picture below has show how food panda online food delivery network is work :p

U gotta Register to be food panda website member in order to order food on the website 

1. Tell food panda your location by enter your city n location ( as I know K.L,Johor bahru,P.J ,.Ipoh,Shah Alam(Klang), Melaka, Penang available )
2. Chose a restaurant from available list and your favourite dish or drink 
3. Check out and Chose payment method -- by cash or PayPal  
4. Key in mobile verification code ( food panda website sent to yr mobile one )
5. Food is on the way ( receive message from foodpanda , the food within 60min.will arrive) , food panda will email order confirmation to u .
6. Pay cash to food panda delivery man if you chosen cash on delivery 
7. Receive email by rating the restaurant u taken order today :)

Lolz I admit i am Starbucks lover, so I was overjoyed when I saw it is available at my taman :x
Since I gotta work n can't having tea time at Starbucks,but I really yearn for a cold starbuck drink  haha :x so I decided to order a drink through ~

                                            I chosen cash on delivery :)

                     Gotta apply b card T.T  , i got no b card yet  >.<

Hmm their mobile verification code will be send in your mobile within 5 min I think.but I still expected it will sent to my mobile instantly :) 

Their customer service ppl is friendly n helpful, call me Immediately since I request twice the verification code :x because I thought the system doesn't receive my request for code so I press send in code again. >.<
Even I changing the phone no. At food panda profile I will getting the SMS notification for changing phone no. Too :) impressive their service.

              Receive my Starbucks green tea frappucino within 30 min, still chill n fresh :) yum yum 
                                                    It light up my day ~

                 and this is my second order from food panda Kura japanese restaurant ( J.B )  :p

                Hehe, I am such a foodie :p Japan set lunch from Kura japan restaurant, for my lunch today ~
 p/s. all the food n sauce is seal , receive in good condition :)

Some reason I reckon y food panda is getting popular :

1. Periodically provide free delivery . ( normally delivery fee is Rm4 and min. RM15 Per order)
2. it happen when ppl lazy to queque , scare traffic jam, or really busy with work, but really wanna relax n wait for favorite dishes delivered to the doorstop :) 
3. Prompt customer service 

Something I wish from food panda ~

1) I hope they can bring more restaurant to my area. As I feel Johor Bahru still quite new for the food panda service hehe

2)  more free delivery :p

3) one idea inspire from my collegue =) she wish for a delivery man in panda suit 0.0 

Lastly , if you are newcomer to food panda service, and really interested to try it out the food panda service, I got a free voucher code for you . Got it, Money save save ~


value : RM10 
min order value : RM10 

valid from 2014-01-07 til 2015-01-07 for New customers  only

Do visit food panda malaysia facebook , they will share latest promotion, free delivery there =D

Have a nice day :) and happy ordering ~

This blogpost brought to you by food panda 

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  1. one idea inspire from my collegue =) she wish for a delivery man in panda suit 0.0 ''HAHAHHAHA

    a few things cross my mind
    1) drivers will slow down for panda driver then causing massive traffic jam
    2) poor panda driver will be too hot in suit
    3) during raining day, panda can used as rain coat

    2 years ago, my colleague order using food panda in KL. Now reach JB...Good as JBrians can try out this service.

    1. lol my panda man is a malay guy with kancil i think =p funny when i think of he wear panda suit

  2. omygod! that is like such a smart way to deliver food! i wish kedah has it (which is in my dream=fat chance)

  3. Mayb in the near future it will reach yr state o :) good luck

  4. Wow... this is cool~
    Skip the traffic jam. Love it.

  5. well, jb cunrrently cannot order food online through the panda website..i wonder why