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Review: Cerro Qreen brush set (pink) from Natta Cosme ~

Hi all ~

This is my first time take part the Natta Cosme (beauty stuff online portal) beauty ambassador programme :) thanks for chosen ~ and the topic is reviewing  Cerro Qreen beauty brush set .
The first question cross my mind is what is cerro qreen, which country brand?
Natta Cosme define it --

Cerro Qreen , based in the United States, has been considerately producing professional make up brushes with countless varieties dedicated to prettify your make up. :)

           Photo taken at Natta Cosme facebook :)

My first choice is pink among the three set :)  eventhough , blue is quite attractive to me too hehe
Since many blogger is chosen pink , Natta Cosme beauty store decided to give two different batch of pink brush for review :p

                                 Tada~, this is the parcel I receive . Totally lovely , isn't it. ^.^
Natta Cosme said : while dessert influence the end of your contented meals, cosmetic tools affect the completion of your splendor make up. make up brushes, like desserts, arent compulsory,yet their presence could beautifully refine and wonderfully enrich your make up.

                    Curious about the pink mystery gift box, once open I c this o.o It's chocolate ~~
Thanks for the threat :p it definitely will delight the blogging mood indeed ~

the packing state , retail price is RM 36.90. and i love the pink satin pouch ~

           Open it,  Hmm there are 7pcs brush inside, and my main focus still is the pink blush brush . ^_^ thats my heart blossom moment when i saw it lala~ my make up routine mostly will only use blush brush n lip brush .I seldom apply eyeshadow ,eyeliner  n mascara is quite enough for me already :) i wondering is it because made by goat /pony hair, the brush got animal hair scent (≧∇≦)

 I browsing the brush details from  nattacosme website ~(photo is screenshot from )

             Omg, Sold out o.o it really a hot stuff ~

Found some useful infor. here . Blush brush  (goat hair), lipbrush (fiber), small and large eye shadow brush  (pony hair), natural wooden handle ~

( this is a  screenshoot from

Thanks Natta Cosme, this hot stuff is on my hands now :p

Moving to practical part woohoo ~ Its time to try it out those lovely brush ~

                                  Get ready the stuff n tool I needed :p
Comestic stuff : Holika holika face to change liquid roller bb SPF 15 pa+  , Solone vivid fantasy smoody pencil ES-05  (blue), Jelly Pong Pong muffin gloss ,Baviphat purity girl blusher and Etude house Etoinette crystal powder .

The blushes brush is my favorite among all :p I rub it on my Hands and face, feeling so soft n comfortable. I am the happy gal when I playing with the brush (≧∇≦)~ 
Really Enjoy the moment lolz ~ instead of the baviphat puff ,cerro qreen blush brush given me a natural rosy cheek, since using the baviphat puff mostly will lead me a "heavy rosy cheek" , i dun wanna wearing Two "ang gu kuih "on my cheek anymore ~

As for the lipbrush, I get some lipgloss n put on my lips, I can feel the brush is firm, function good , just perfectly assist to create a nice make up Lolz, love it too ~

I really surprise by the cerro qreen brush set quality , despite its cheap price ( sometimes can discount to Rm29.00++) but quality is quite ok. Even my last favorite is shu uemura , Jill Stuart blush brush, but I dun really feel cerro qreen is inferior compare with those branded stuff ~ Y(^_^)Y

               If u  tempted to buy cerro qreen brush set too, do visit  Natta Cosme online portal ,


                  And liked their Facebook for latest promotion ~make sure u dun miss any great deal 


                  Thanks for your reading o, have a nice day ahead ~

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