Sunday, 26 January 2014

Summer x Craft De Hearts handmade jewelry

Hi all,

I have been thinking doing a blogpost all about summer eventhough Malaysia is consider whole year summer :p sorry been drag so long since really having flu n feeling not so well :)

Remember I told u at facebook that I went to desaru bbq recently? Haha, this is one of the spot I notice . A beach bar is open even only afternoon. :)
Kinda relax,  chitchat with fren n having some titbits we self bring here hehe :p

Hmm since i am not really like the beer , I ordered the fruit punch :) 
sip the drink, really into the summer feel, love the orange juice blend In the fruit punch , even it's quite sweet :D

I get my sun glasses from Vincci :) it cost me about RM24 after discount :p
Really like the simple design, I found evergreen design can last for years . It suit to my face too,neither too big nor too small .
I bring it to my desaru trip, and it did  help me filter some strong sun ray . However I dont think it got special uv screen since it was just a Rm24 sunglasses. XD 

 Colour sandwish keychain from craft de hearts. ( everything's handmade blog shop
One of their best seller .I love the elephant , bell and the bottle in colour sand . the quality is good :) Totally a lovely item for your BFF or valentine gift :p . 
Price: Rm18.50/S$9.30.  if you got any customized request for accessory or jewelry, can directly email them at 

Bought it at KSL shopping mall (Johor Bahru ),  MOMO boutique. Hmm according the shopkeeper, this is import from Taiwan. I love the pastel colour lollipop ^_^  , it cost me RM19.90.

Another haul from KSL haul. Unknown small stall XD,
attracted by its cute kitty design nail polish. The scent is awful lol. But the summer blue colour is quite nice.

Sweet home wear from Young hearts , citysquare Johor Bahru. I like the ribbon prints, and the comfortable cotton material. No discount since it is a new stock RM79.90. Guess I will fully utilize it since it is quite expensive n so comfortable ~ops I have disclose u my shirt size XD

Thanks for your reading :) stay tune with my another post of craftdehearts item :p
See ya ~ and have a nice day.

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  1. OMG I like the bracelet so much!!! And the cute elephant!!

  2. nice hauls.
    i love all the pastel color and handmade products too .

  3. Yalo, I love pastel n handmade stuff so I feature all of them here :) glad u all like it

  4. The elephant! Adorable! Reminds me of a charm I got from Thailand!