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Food review : Lemon tree ,Johor Bahru

Recently, I bringing one gang of Johor bloggers to do a food review at Lemon tree restaurant :p yeah, we are going somewhere to eat again haha~ today I gonna show u all the dishes the boss treat us to eat :p

Lemon tree, located at taman melodies , Johor Bahru. If walk from the holiday plaza and KSL shopping mall, it takes about 5-7min :p

Lemon tree restaurant name inspire  from the famous English song "lemon tree" , guess you know this song :p

The environment is clean :) it's quite relax to having a cup of tea or garlic bread here during the lunch hour.In fact,  nearby really seldom got a cafe like this . Therefore, the white collar staff working here if really lazy to drive , lemon tree will be a good choice for the lunch.  Lemon tree got wifi (unifi) , you can just browsing the facebook here with the soft english sentimental song . ^_^
Preferably 12.30 pm then you come here, since I found the chef, mostly ready around that time :p
The chef is either James  or Jeffery (boss) :) hmm,personally feel the foreign worker there need to keep alert regarding customer order for prevent customer keep yelling for that since no Order alarm button setting on the table XD

If you enter the lemon tree, you will found there is a separate special corner only available for reservation or special festival eg: Chrismas . Normally, the reservation come with the catering service which serve fining cuisine, and price min. RM20 ++ per head. If your company got any function do contact  boss Jeffery for more details :p 
Since Chinese New Year coming soon, so it's normal to see those cny red decoration is everywhere at lemon tree ~

1) Tuna Bruchetta Bread 金枪鱼芝士面包 RM9.80

New dishes , will be launch after Chinese New Year :) topping -tuna, garlic,herb,cheese.its a crunchy, tasty appertiser :)

2)    Handmade cream of mushroom  自制蘑菇汤 RM 5.50 (Kim recommended)

This mushroom soup is my all time favorite , especially in a rainy day :) it warm my body ~
Jeffery , boss of lemon tree told me this soup consist of five mushroom o.o . tasty mushroom soup go with the garlic bread or tuna bruchetta bread really is a good matching choice :)

3) Mango fruity 芒果水 RM5.50 
    Lemon tea    柠檬茶 RM3.50

Hmm feel thirsty after eat those cheesy food, lemon tea is one of the good choice to ease your thirst, I like its heavier sour sweet taste. Mango fruity I doesn't taken , it's other blogger drink it :p

4) Tropical Hawaiian Pizza  热带夏威夷比萨 RM17.80

          It's thick size pizza , similar to Pizza Hut type.Topping: slice chicken ham, juicy pineapple,bed of tomato sauce, onion,green pepper, mozzarella cheese. Hmm , not my type :p

5) Island Seafood Pizza 千岛海鲜比萨 RM19.80 (Kim recommended) 

I love this ~the thousand island sauce go with the fresh big prawn, simply delicious~! I can't stop to take it more haha. this is the chef recommend pizza on the new menu too :p
Topping: prawn, squid, and tuna with bed with thousand island sauce, slice onion, mozzarella cheese.

6) Mix Fruit Salad 水果沙律 RM5.50(Kim recommended )

Home blended savoury sour sweet salad sauce mix with the fruit simply delicious,orange juice is one of the ingredients . addictive ~

7) Grilled NZ Airflown Ribeye RM49.00 (off menu)

        Ribeye 180gram, cook with 7 /10 (七分熟) .  the portion quite thick, I cut one slices of it , without dipping the black pepper sauce, and I found it taste sweet :) 肉质软度适中

8) Nasi Special Fried Rice RM13.50 (off menu)

Judge from the picture, you can see its a luxury set of fried rice which consist of chicken wings, ham,egg,coleslaw and the black pepper sauce. :) Jeffery mention at past, there is a customer always not satisfy to eat the plain fried rice only, therefore add on so many side dishes. Haha, never know this is the origins of the luxury fried rice set :p
For me, I still prefer kampung spicy fried rice at lemon tree ~

9) Mee Mamak 马来炒面 RM6.80 (Kim recommend )

This is another "must try " mee , somehow I feel lemon tree mee mamak is much better than many Malay or Indian stall. Portion quite large, abit oily (if u are not keep fit, still ok :p) , not too salty, but simply delicious.just try once, you will know :p

10) Seafood spaghetti alio-alio RM9.80 (top)
      Spaghetti Hawaiian.           RM  8.80 (bottom)

No doubts, i love the seafood alio- alio . Big prawn ,fish meat and olive oil make it an ideal spaghetti Neither oily nor heavy taste :) my all time favorite. 

Spaghetti Hawaiian I seldom eat, even I am lemon tree loyal customer, maybe just feel the taste is sour sweet, easily craving for food again LOL .

11) Tiramisu RM12.90

The specialty of the lemon tree tiramisu is consist of three coffee powder o.o mascarpone
Cheese, lady finger, Kahlua . After try it , I just can say "oishii" (Japanese means tasty~!)Not too sweet too , I like the coffee powder on top, feeling special about it :p

12) Creme brûlée RM9.80 (top)
      Lava Choco   RM12.90 (bottom) (must try)

Hmm maybe I seldom doing the research about the dessert, feeling abit difficult to describe the brûlée Lolz. In Chinese I think call 焦糖布丁。on top, there is a thin layer like the ice . Sweet and crispy. Like it. 

As for the lava choco, the picture above already describe the happy look when sawing the lava choco lol. My blogger fren gotta stop me from taken away the whole choco and eat haha~
70% dark chocolate is the key ingredients , the ice cream is normal brand, really hard to describe how bless I was when I was tasting this delicious dessert.XD Hopefully, after Chinese New Year I can reorder this again ~

                 Before leaving the lemon tree, happy camera time again ~me and sherlyn

Oops abit blur about the group photo XD , my digital camera doesn't perform good at low light area.
Blogger fren Jason lee is taken the camera, so he doesn't show up on the group photo. :p

If you pass by KSL or Holiday plaza, do visit Lemon tree :)

Lemon tree restaurant 

Address: 18, Jln bedara, taman melodies, 80250 JB,Johor.
Tel/Fax: 07-3355688
Contact person: Jeffery (boss)

No pork no lard 

Once again, 
Thanks for your reading , see ya :) 

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