Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Konnyaku Diet Noodle

Hi all, recently I receive a review request from blogger friend  Lerler.This will be my very first time to review a instant Mee which innovated by university kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) .

Browsing some information from  as I am not familiar to this Mee. You can visit this website too, as I found they got series of healthy food .

         i notice dietary fiber 4.3 g , fat 0.4g

Packaging : simple yet poster less attractive. The bowl given can use for microwave :)    Malay friend can enjoy the Mee, since got halal cert. :)

Ingredients: wheat flour, seasoning powder,ketchup for fried noodle,vegetable cum, salt

                      Slogan -- losing weight in style :)

          Cooking method:  i just boil hot water to the mee. 

Just sharing some comment here, it may help konnyaku company get further improvement about the diet Mee :) 

Mee : quite thin, i still prefer normal instant mee as it will be thicker.this is baked type, quite healthy.

Portion: for gals on diet consider ok, for hungry man I think this small portion cannot satisfy him haha

Soup: no MSG, smell like Maggie chicken mee soup,after drink I found quite salty @.@ , even I admit i already is a "heavy taste " people.

Size and price : 70g , RM3.99  hmm feel abit expensive XD

Overview: not really tasty if using the boil hot water method, maybe it would have nicer taste if cook in the claypot.

Thanks for your reading :) in near future, i will bring more fashion and jewelry post to you. :p
have a nice day ~

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