Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Twistband headband tie dye -summer

Hi all, today i would like to show you the twistband hair tie I bought from
Hishop :)

In fact I drolling over the twist band for a long time, since some blogger ever review it before, it tempted me to buy indeed :p

Official introduction from hishop :

· Soft, elastic headbands keep hair in place
· Choose to use as headband or double knot it to use
as hair tie
· Always comfortable, always effective

A good hairband is impossible to find in Malaysia. While scrunchies were hot in the 80s, they are definitely not today.

It's time we rock our hairstyle with something more fun, sophisticated and of good quality. Twistbands are chic headbands that keep your hair secure without pulling or leaving marks.

Best of all, they look as good on your wrists as they do on your head.

I love those colorful stuff especially at the summer season like Malaysia, I feel the colour i chosenis quite suitable to wear when I go for beach :p it cost me RM 38.
I observe , the twist band price is vary ,depends on different series.from RM16 - RM38 :)
mine consider expensive one.

It can be a hairband ,hair tie.can cut to your ideal size too if you feel it's too long :) hmm in my eyes, it abit similar to elastic dyed fabric rubber band (有弹性的染布塑胶带)Lolz~

I found twistband doesn't hurt me, as I know some hairtie is just too harsh to pull It off. But the cons  found after use several time, it start to loose, I gotta tie few more round (绑多几圈)jus like picture show above in order to fix it tightly. Sometime I will take it as bracelet too :p

Read until here,
Interested to know more about it? Or visit other series of twistband hair tie?  U can proceed the below link :)

Thanks for the reading, good nites all. its 11.07 pm here ~

See ya ~:p



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