Saturday, 15 March 2014

100 Doraemon secret gadgets Expo ( Cheras viva expo hall)

Hi, recently I went to the Cheras doeramon fair as I know the exhibition will be ended on 23 march 2014~ miss two station, as thought  should drop at Cheras station, however is miharja station will be best choice, since it just opposite viva home fair :) today gonna show you the picture taken there :)

                                Time machine 时光机 is the first scenery I enter :)

                                                  Yellow doeramon wee~

Famous 任意门,this door in comic can take us go anywhere 

100 pieces plastic doeramon statue here u go :)

I love the Aladdin lamp , I got many wish , would you realize it for me?:p

Holy ceremony here , da xiong and yi jing married scene, love it :)

                Remember this uncle?

                                                 Cute yi jing with the Sakura 

                Lol, poor da xiong 

                                     Da xiong n his grandmother (^ω^)

                          离别的情景 best friend hearts is always together 

                                       Lovely :p 许愿池

                                   Souvenir area 纪念品

   Tempted by its design, bought one hot chocolate drink :)

Lets call it an end for the doeramon exhibition :) 

thanks for our reading, see you soon :) yesterday just having a big feast at traders hotel JB, gonna show you the review soon ~ 



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