Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Beauty review: Maybeline BB Mousse, Maybeline the jewel by coloursensational lipstick (附中文review)

Thanks to fiiesta  , a beauty online store , I got chance to review the Maybeline pure mineral bb mousse and Maybeline the jewel by colour sensational lipstick.

Somehow I feel it is another form of bb liquid but is in mousse type :) 
Some pros and cons I have found after few try :

Shake well , and press it in one pump and adequate amount like old 50cents size. :) spread it to your 
whole face :) 摇匀,挤出50仙硬币mousse ,涂抹全脸。


1) Colour is quite natural 颜色自然
2) Coverage is average good since it actually is liquid bb cream :) 遮瑕不错
3) natural and matte look with loose powder ( I using my Etude house Etoinette crystal powder to 
complete the make up. :) 自然干净妆容
4) doesn't stimulate my sensitive skin. --Low stimulation,低刺激性 I feel comfort with the make up

Photo effect No edit one , the colour quite natural, simple blend into my skin tone :)


1) at first, it is quite hard to control the mousse movement 难以控制mousse 的流量 and amount . Need practice few more time.
2) quite easily remove .超容易卸妆 或掉妆若碰到水 Hmm I use my avene spray , spray to my face, and it melt. I can imagine it will 
does the same effect if we sweat or met rain o.o 
If you apply old 50cents like I said, it may look more natural even melt abit. But if you apply excessive
amount I really can't guarantee to you, you won't be another actress in the horror movie ESP. When 
The mousse start melt LOL.

Maybeline the jewel by colour sensational lipstick.

Model no.  Pink tourmaline 1433

Some feature I found :

1. Colour深粉红- deep pink, I would prefer the natural pink :)
2. Texture- neither too moisture nor too dry, moisture level average 滋润性适中.Apply lipbalm ( i using soap gallery jb one ) to bare lips and apply Maybeline lipstick , look more natural and moisture :)
3.Pigmented 含亮粉-- after I rub it off, my hands left pigmented 亮粉
4.Not difficult to remove容易卸妆-  if remove it with eye and lip remover ( I using empro perfect eye and lip make remover )  

Between,  fiiesta is doing promotion,if you buy over RM50 , just key in promotion code 
Then you can entitle RM10 off for single transaction :) 

Do take time to visit there~

Recently, will bring more beauty or fashion blogpost to you. As receive more review chance :p

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  1. The mousse BB sounds fun. XD And the lipstick colour looks nice!

  2. I love the lip stick!!! Might buy it!!! :)

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