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Eczema & Ultra Dry Skincare : Marine element intensive cream and bodylotion (附中文试用分享)

Recently I was given the chance to review marine elements series product,  as I heard it is a specialized product for ultra dry skin and eczema prone skin. therefore I was quite looking forward to it . Since I have ultra dry skin for my foot.  +_+

                                    This is the product I receive :) 

As u can see, the left hand side is body lotion, right hand side is intensive cream :)

Before I start my review,I would like to give you a clearer mind about the product. Here is the product description show on the packaging :

 Marine Elements  is a range of skin care products to help improve the appearance of dry and inflamed skin conditions. The range uses patented technology in the form of Zonase X ,which contains natural proteins and enzymes derived from the pure and clean marine sources in Norway. These enzymes are scientifically proven to gently remove accumulated dead cells from the skin, whilst reducing inflammation and improving the appearance of the skin.

Zonase X works in 3 days to improve the appearance of the skin: 

1. It breaks down the connective tissues between the dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin. The 
dead cells then are naturally detached.

2. It allow other active ingredients to transport moisture and nutrition to the deeper layers of the skin creating a moisturizing effect.

3. It elevates healthy cells to the surface of the skin, creating a rejuvenating effect.

The products have been specially formulated to moisturize , calm and smooth the skin, whilst leaving a protective barrier against the harsh environmental elements.They are all hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

I was suggest to use marine elements skin cream to my foot, 

Official Introduction:  Marine elements intensive cream is specially formulated to provide deep moisturisation for extra dry and problem skin areas. Our non- greasy formulation will soften the skin 's surface, allowing immediate hydration to the dry skin underneath, and helps to strengthen the skin's natural barrier whilst leaving a protective film on the skin 's surface. Natural peptides transport moisture 
and nutrition deep down providing continuous moisturisation for up to 24 hours.
Instructions for use:

Apply liberally to extra dry areas. For maximum benefit use 3 to 4 times a day, or as often as required, and always after washing.

Kim review

Some Ingredients i noticed: hydrolyzed egg protein, chamomilla recutita flower extract

and I found some feature about it :

1.Texture & colour: 膏状,不油腻,呈乳白色
Rich cream type, moisturize but non-greasy ,white colour

2. Scent : 无药味
Light scent, not medicated scent as I imagine before , lucky :p

3. Protective : 
After apply, it got instant protective layer. 涂抹后,有一层保护膜

4.Effective :

After apply three days, morning and evening . I found it really got good effect on my ultra dry skin, it exfoliate the dry skin cell, the skin look smoother :) as my dead cell a lot, so I feel I gotta apply twice per day. It does help to improve my skin condition , love this.


5.Low stimulation:性质温和  it doesn't stimulate my sensitive skin and make my skin itchy.

6.Paraben and fragrance free 无香精

i will continue consume it and introduce it to my friend as it does effective on me :) 

Price RM 78.50 for 50ml size

Marine element body lotion 

Official introduction

Will help soften the skin 's surface allowing moisture and nutrition to penetrate deep down. It helps accelerate the natural rejuvenation of the skin, the protective barrier seals the moisture in and helps keep the allergens and irritants out.whilst the anti-oxidants help prevent skin damage from free radicals and help your skin look younger and firmer with regular use.
Instructions for use :

Apply to your whole body daily and after showering, paying particular attention to dry skin.


Kim review:

I using it on my dry hands .

1.Texture and colour: 乳白色

White colour , moisturizing lotion :)

2. Scent : 香味浓
Perfume scent, quite strong scent if compare with the skin cream.

3. Protective : 立即的保护层
After apply, got instant protective layer too.

4. Low stimulation : 性质温和
Doesn't stimulate or make my skin itchy.

5. Testing result :
It does normal moisturizing to my skin . 普通滋润

6. Paraben free

Different with skin cream is for curing purpose for my foot. As for body lotion i might not continue consume . Reason : Since  i am not so demanding for body lotion. many brand will do :p as long as it don't   stimulate my sensitive skin and dry out my skin or alot harmful chemical.   :) However if dry skin friend wanna try it, i may introduce to them :)

Body lotion RM 67.50 for 200ml size 

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  2. After 14 days, the picture of the foot doesn't show very much improvement.