Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Mediviron UOA Clinic Eye bag removal ( filler ) review part I

Wondering anyone of you got the big eye bag problem just like me? I  have been searching many method or product to cure but it seems doesn't work too T.T

Coincidently, I was offered a beauty treatment for review purpose by Mediviron UOA Clinic . And i was asking the marketing executive  Joan, whether got any treatment for under eye 
one. And Joan replied me that, need doctor to consult first before proceed any treatment :)
So I make an appointment with Joan :)  before i go , i still have a lot of doubts since I seldom contact with related beauty service..

From its website. I found 

Mediviron UOA Clinic is a top-notch aesthetic centre providing a comprehensive range of aesthetic services.

Established in the year 2001, we are dedicated to serving our clients' needs by providing confidential, professional and personalised aesthetic services to the local and regional markets. Located in Wisma UOA, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ,our clinic is sited in the heart of KL's Golden Triangle. 

Reaching the clinic which located at right opposite of KLCC convention centre. 
You can take public transport to raja chulan station and walk to the clinic , it takes about 5-10 min :)

Hmm  the clinic also provide weight loss services, laser, skin tightening, Botox and filler etc :)

                        The clinic environment is clean :)

Moving around to take a look, since waiting for the doctor :)

                        O.o free checking :)

Before doing review, I seek for doctor advice. She is an experience and beautiful doctor , she serve beauty service at mediviron clinic  already 4-5years. I feel surprise when i realise she is 30 plus, but got a younger look like 28 yrs old only :p  After checking my face,  she suggest me doing eye bag removal  (filler) treatment.
She told me filler 's key ingredients is hyaluronic acid which is eventually become part of the tissue of me after injection . It is different with beauty product of hyaluronic acid we normally using :) the filler effect can last for 6-9 month :)

Can read more details at 

                     Taken a photo of my bare face , before apply any treatment :)

 Joan help me apply the "numbing cream" ( white colour ) under the eye. This will ensure I got no pain at all during the injection. It takes about 45min for this procedure, apply and wait for the "numb effect " lol

This is the photo I taken at second visit and repost to here, since I forget take photo about it first visit :p

After that, I  was bring to doctor  , she is getting ready for the injection .  For your information , price for filler is from RM1800 per syringe .

The injection procedure is consider fast, within 20 min can finish it . No pain at all. The filler I observe is transparent liquid.

Hmm after injection,   abit bruise,but not very serious for me.
As I observe, the filler for eye bag removal result is under eye skin getting smoother, eye bag is less visible and dark circle is not so serious as before. Morning when i wake up, i feel my eyes look more natural, use my hand touch my under eye area, the 微肿块 is slowly diminish :) no pain at all, even numb effect is gone
My case  just wear normal specs already  can cover it haha, my friend ask me why suddenly wear glasses one :p
I gotta away from eye cream few days, in order not to affect the result.

For best result, I think gotta wait for few days :) the pic shown above( after pic )  is my instant look after inject the filler, therefore abit bruise , hopefully can upload a nicer look to you soon :)

Read until here, if you wish to know more about my filler treatment progression  , you gotta paid attention for my part 2 review -- since I gotta go back to the clinic for check up and touch up, I will post the eventually look soon :)

                                    Here is my clinic information :) 

Mediviron UOA Clinic

LG 9, lower ground floor, Wisma UOA II , 
No.21, Jln Pinang, 50450 , Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21635699 /017-2163569
Business hours: mon-thurs : 8.30 am-6.00pm
Fri and Sat: 8.30am-6.30pm

Do visit. for more treatment information and treatment review :)

See you soon at my review -part 2 of eye bag removal (filler) ~


  1. I think filler will make it worst imagine u already have water below your eyes inside and u add more water thus increases more heavier eye bags .
    The real method should not be filler filling anything into it , it should be removed by SUCKING the water or oil below your eyes and then use skin tightening , very bad treatment .

  2. I saw a video before , in usa the make over treatment is using something to numb the eye bags after that they use an EMPTY injection not to inject anything into it , they actually inject from the side of the eye bags sucks out the oil from the eyebags into the cylinder which u can see the oil coming out from your eye bag into the needle injection cylinder , this is called REMOVE eye bags .