Sunday, 20 April 2014

Haul : Rilakkuma handmade key pouch 轻松熊手工钥匙包

Hi gals, 

Do u love rilakkuma just like me :) recently I went to the arty party , danga bay Johor Bahru. And I passby one stall which is selling 不织布 handmade cartoon key pouch ( hmm in english the material maybe can translate as non knitting cloth , sorry i only know the exactly chinese name through stall owner ) 
And I love at first sight at one of the the brown rilakkuma key pouch.  At first, i was struggling whether to buy or not. because i know this kind material will become fury , in chinese so call 起毛 。however, The damages only RM16 , for a lovely handmade pieces , so i still decided to buy it :p 

                                                         Cuteness overload ~

                               Rubbing its chubby face lol

                                                     Put on my new key :)

               The pouch is so roomy , the owner even insert one name kad there , and I unaware of it , until I open it and found it.

The damages for the arty party as I estimate is Rm120 :x since I also buying some handmade accessory from other stall. really like those handmade artwork, limited edition and unique design. Looking forward to next arty party in  JB ~

See ya~