Saturday, 5 April 2014

Malaysia Largest Clothes Buffet 2014

Dear fans~

Malaysia 's largest clothes buffet is coming to Syopz Mall , Taylor's University Lakeside campus
On 25-27th April 2014. 10am-6pm . ^_^  

I guess you may puzzle what is clothes buffet ? :p , 

It is  an event organized by LINs Communication and A shopaholics den, this event aims to bring shopping to a whole new level for young fashionistas without breaking the bank.

Normally we eat buffet, is pay a sixty buck then go in catering area put a lot of different dishes to our plate , eat until full within the few hours Lolz. Instead of this, clothes buffet concept is you just need to pay RM60 then you can get to touch 50,000 pieces of fashion pieces , and chose the one you love, grab and squeeze in a zipbag (organiser given) within 15 mins. 

Bear in mind that: As long as you can zip your zipbag n then item is yours :p

 Here is some clothes will appear at clothes buffet  :) I like the pink dress , lovely~

                      This pants also look nice :0

                            This sweater look nice too ~

     Wondering how many pieces I can squeeze in my zipbag, and I receive a news that breaking record is 16 pcs in the zipbag o.o , Omg when talking about clothes, shopping ,bag . woman really crazy ~16pcs !really feel shock about it .

 In case , you may not get enough of the clothes buffet session, since it only last for 15min:) therefore, organiser prepared another dishes ( program ) for you ^_^ ~
25-27 April , 4pm-6pm will be the blow out sales, every fashion pieces here is cost only RM10~!! Seems really a good deals too , maybe after 15 min shopping session,  I will chose to stay here and see got any nice dress suit me or not :p

Gentle reminder to my shopaholic sisters:

In order to avoid crowded, you are advice to buy the clothes buffet ticket in advance at

More enquiry can contact through  malaysia clothes buffet facebook

Scare you lost the way, this map is for you  :)

Ok I mostly probably will go on Friday session, if you happen to see me , maybe we can make fren ~
see you there ~



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