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Malaysia beauty & lifestyle blogger Kim Tan

Hi all,

Today will be a blogpost regarding why should I be the next MFP Myfatpocket blogger ~abit like a convincing post for the contest entry XD 

Photo give credit to :  My fat pocket

  For your information, My fat pocket is 

One of Singapore's Leading Websites for Women. Beauty. Fashion. Entertainment. Relationships. Lifestyle. Bloggers. Community.

 One  of my blogger friend Huiying ,the guest blogger of MFP is encouraging me to take part of it. She say I have blogging for about two years plus, consider a experience blogger, so I will just  give it a try :)

At this post , maybe I will just talking about my blogging life :) a throwback of two years plus.~

Sometimes , some passenger passby in our life will influence we do an important decision. They are the angel send by god to inspire you . Why I say so, because 

To be a blogger, its all because of an encouragement of my colleague poem :) i always share the news and review with her once i found any good product .And she told me that: why don't you start to blog. And  can share the news for  more audience. Instead of by mouth , one to one telling XD

I agree my fat pocket website mention that a blogger sometime really need combine all skill- HTML,photo skill, photoshop etc. Even though, I have been blog for two years plus, I don't really think I am a great blogger . I just can say I am a hardworking , sincere, lucky blogger. Hardworking in the way, i will keep improve , review my blog by asking my readers feedback. I am not celebrity blogger that so call 一夜成名.(really cannot find other english words can describe it perfectly ) .Sincere in The way that only blog the truth even is sponsor item , that is the blogger ethnic i keep remind myself since many readers is reading beauty blogger review before buying a skincare or comestic they not even try before :) And i Lucky in  the way that , i got  some blogger friend really take me to their heart, tag me in facebook once got any review chances .They know i come from johor bahru ,which a place with  a very limited chance for bloggers event. Even though I am not a great blogger that own 100k fans ,or 10k page view per day etc. However, i did keep receive sponsor chance eg: shiseido white lucent serum . And I am thankful for that :) 

I am not a IT expert, coding , HTML those thing is just like a alien language to me . Haha, no joke ~
So when I begin my first blogspot, I mess up the html template of my first blog, it become a messy code blog that I think it will never be revived anymore. So I start with my second blog
 ( Currently known as ) .

I start my first beauty review ,at first I dare not to show my whole face, feel shy and feel own self not so photogenic like some young blogger x.x , but now getting better not so preservative like before :p
At least got whole face photo taken for my currently beauty review.:)

Initially, My photo skill is really poor, as I unaware good lightning is the key of good product x.x 
Therefore, you will found blogpost about two years ago, is totally inattractive blogpost, due to the photo taken by indoor flash.

After blog about beauty product for a period, I explore more through food review, event , accesory And fashion! My blogger life is getting interesting. To be a blogger, I can test and share many item, met different blogger friend, join event to learn how the organiser coordinate whole event, and  upgrade my knowledge  through different review chance. As I am not a English Eds student, so I gotta keep improve my English too.

This is one of the photo of my sponsored fashion post for :) I have realise my dream that I plan  for one years ago .

And currently , I got over 1k fans breakthrough at Facebook fans page :) 

I have always wanted to explore new market,refresh my blogger experience.and gain media exposure  .Singapore will be my next  target :) Therefore,I really hope to become MFP next blogger.

thanks MyFatPocket, ERM Singapore Marketing Pte Ltd and Fresver Beauty to bringing this contest.

if you are my readers, you just need to quote blogger-Kim tan , then you will get an exclusive  one time trial of < PTF Plus Face > at $98  ( terms and condition apply ) 

for more details and appointment, 
please call any of the 3 branches of fresver beauty.
HOUGANG: 840 Hougang Central, #01-04, S538757 Tel: 6100 1513
ORCHARD: 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #05-18, S228213 Tel: 6100 8108
TAMPINES: 5 Tampines Central 6 Telepark, #01-23, S529482 Tel: 6100 1030

Once again, Thanks for your reading, 


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