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Beauty Review: Modbox , the most affordable beauty sample box in Malaysia

Hi all ~

Today I would like to bring you a blogpost regarding to a most affordable beauty sample box :D , I guess all gals will raving for this box XD

Modbox was officially introduced as 
 -- a beauty discovery service in Malaysia. These days where women are tied up with either job or family commitment, many do not have the time to perfect their beauty needs.
 Modbox aims to provide a convenient avenue for women to pamper themselves by sampling and purchasing beauty products right in the comfort of their own home.

In my impression:

Modbox - is a monthly beauty sample box . Each box will contain 3 pieces beauty sample that you chose from Modbox website 

And the price is very affordable , just RM9~! If plus RM6 ( Ship to West Malaysia ) you just need to pay RM15 for it  . Woohoo~ Y(^_^)Y
East Malaysia shipping fee is RM9 :)

 Now, I would like to show you the blogger beauty sample kit I receive from Modbox ~The blogger kit contains all the beauty samples that are up for selection this month . (exclude a Dentiste Oral rinse , which has no stock already >.< )

4 Easy Step to Personalize Your  Modbox 

Head over to Modbox website 

Click " get beauty box -chose your sample"

Then it will pop up the followings: 

Step 1: chose either one :

Shaire London Fragrance Free Dry Shampoo (a full size item cost RM35.90 ~!) vs  Bifesta Eye Make up Remover   30ml size(Retail: RM26.90 for 145ml)

bifesta eye make up remover official introduction  :

Removing stubborn eyeliner and mascara can be such a nightmare. You rub, pull and tug all that delicate skin, and still... you wake up with faint black smudges under your eyes in the morning. 

This water-based eye makeup remover is the solution to your woes. It gently lifts and removes the most stubborn of eyeliners and waterproof mascaras, without you rubbing your eyes like a maniac. 

The best part? Fresh and clean, with no residue, grease or stickiness!

Kim says: 
bifesta is one of the eye make up remover you must try, before i get the modbox kit, i already using this eye make up remover  =) it gently remove your comestic residue ,and i really in love with its water based texture =p

Step 2 :  Chose either one --

Human Nature Overnight Elixir vs Dentiste Plus White Night Time ToothPaste

 i will definitely chose the human nature overnight elixir beauty sample-3ml size. You may ask me why? =p

Have i told you that i am a natural essential oil lover.I will tend to chose the product that got natural ingredients or essential oil . Especially after i saw the product introduction on  website --> The human nature overnight elixir is made with pure botanical active oils such as elemi oil (used by the likes of Chanel and Estee Lauder), lavender oil and rosehip oil .

Key ingredients--

  • Elemi oil that has anti-microbial and antibacterial properties that help to protect skin and keep it clear
  • Lavender oil that softens and moisturises skin
  • Rosehip oil that’s rich in Vitamin A to help in regeneration and slowing down premature ageing; and Vitamin C that brightens skin and makes it glow
  • Natural Vitamin E that helps fight photo-ageing as it is one of the most powerful and potent antioxidants.
I need the anti aging and brightening function ~

Step 3: Mia acne patch  3pcs ( full price for 12 patch is RM 9.90 ) , there are only one choice left, since dentist oral rinse no stock already )

Step 4 : additional sample choice ( it all depends on ,whether you wanna pay extra fee,  in oder to get more beauty sample or not  :p  )

For me I will add in, if I found there are beauty sample I really tempted to try ~

After trying all the beauty sample from your Rm9 Modbox , you satisfied some of them, tempted to buy, 

You can proceed to Modbox website and chose "shop online, purchase beauty products " , really convenient right? Just like a one stop shop, without embrassing situation that go beauty counter ask for beauty freebies XD 

Thanks for your reading :D hope you enjoy my blogpost ~

And visit 
Modbox website to  personalize your own beauty sample box ~



Thursday, 29 May 2014

Haul: Glasses online malaysia shopping experience

Gals, today I would love to share with you , one of my recent shopping experience of  Glasses online
To me, Glasses online malaysia is a online website that selling variety brand of contact lenses, frame glasses, sunglasses. 售卖各式隐形眼睛,太阳眼镜,镜框。

They claim that,  

THE WIDEST SELECTION AND THE Best Price . As Malaysia first online glasses store,

We offer a wide range of Sunglasses and Eyewear from top fashion brands such as Ray Ban,  Gucci, Adidas and Christian Dior, as well as private label products at extra low prices. also stocks all the daily, weekly and monthly Contact lens and lens care products from trusted brands as Acuvue,  Air Optix Aqua, Biomedics, Focus Dailies, Freshlook, SofLens and Proclear for stellar performance and top quality. Whether you need toric lenses, coloured lenses eg: GEO lens or Blincon or Bausch and Lomb or Freshkon or just your regular prescription contact lenses, we have what you need at a great price.

In fact , I have been drooling over dandelion sunglasses for few month. And I decided to make it mine . I feel the whole shopping procedure is simple and easy ~

Firstly, i Just click add to cart button 加入购物篮子

Secondly, fill in my name, shipping address, select either one payment method - Paypal, cash on delivery OR  offline bank transfer .Do key in discount code (if you have any) for enjoy further discount :) 

No extra shipping fee incurred, glasses online  provide free shipping :) ( for Malaysia ) ,  after key in all details, then all I gotta do is wait for my courier parcel reach to my doorstop . ^_^

Woohoo~ it eventually reach my hands, i like its fashionable black box . Open up, inside attach the invoice and the sunglasses I ordered. 

The only Cons: no box or pouch for the dandelion brand I chose. Wondering other brand got case or not o.o

Overall, I satisfy the whole website service and love my haul :) if you wanna find a beautiful sunglasses , do check out Glasses online .

And feel free to take a look of my other  Glasses online  haul : 

Thanks for your reading , ^_^

Have a nice day, 



Tuesday, 27 May 2014

(Closed) online shopping Gift Card giveaway (open international )

Giveaway closed:

Winner is Eunice tham, congratulations!

Good news to all my global fans~

if you ever saw my fashion review about , and tempted to own the dresses or acessory of

Currently, there is a great chance to win a shopping gift kad worth US $20 for yourself~it can be use to buy any apparel ,accessory , anything on with it you most possibly to get a dress and necklace for yourself, sammydress item is quite affordable~

To eligible for the giveaway 

What you Need to do is , proceed to 

- Find a suitable bag from

for my image shown above ( kim need a bag , dont you think so? ) 

give me the bag 's  product link by comment below ( **no same product link will be allowed ** ) 

-follow my Instagram Id : belovebaobei

-leave down your email address ( if you are the lucky winner, you will receive my email )~

Example  of contest entry: (comment below)

1) This is the bag i chosen for kim via
product link:

2) My Instagram follower id : MaCherie

3)  Email address: MaCherie 

Contest will be ended on 18 June 2014 ~ open International 

(Noted, it will be held at Facebook as well, you can join my Facebook fans page entry to higher your winning chance ~ ) 


And have a nice day :) 



Beauty review: 3ce baby peach cream blusher ( bilingual review )

Hi all,

Today I would like to show you my product review of Korea cosmetic 3CE cream blusher-baby peach ~ This is a product  sponsor by, an online portal which selling authentic Korea
3CEproduct and some Taiwan product.

Website description : cream blush of creamy and silky texture. It's long lasting ,delicate sheen , add liveliness to your cheek.

                                         20g size

Colour look great on hand , you can judge from product name-baby peach ~ a peach colour ,which bring you a healthier glow on cheek :p

         This is my tiredness bare face after work ~omo please spare with this XD

           My skin type: fair skin with sensitive condition 

After apply the iope air cushion , 3ce baby peach cream blusher ,my face look more healthier . 

Some feature I have found after trying it:

1) a small dot (less than 5cents) squeeze from 3ce cream blusher , already can make a very  "peachy " cheek  o.o . 挤出一点点的3ce 腮红就很显色,足以化一个日妆了。

2) Kim 's application method : suggest squeeze abit and spread it evenly on hands,and use fingers apply it on your cheek , the make up effect will look much more natural . while easily to control the colour visible level. Lastly , apply a thin layer of loose powder ~
我的用法: 涂在手背上,将之当成调色盘,弄匀后再用手指涂上双颊,好处是比较容易调节力度和颜色避免下手太重。。(≧∇≦)再上一层松粉就能轻易缔造出自然的蜜桃色粉肌妆容〜

3) lasting for nearly 5hours for me ( indoor ), and doesn't stimulate my sensitive skin. 在室内可持续约5小时,不刺激我的敏感肌肤~

4) cleansing ability: Remove with make up remover and cleansing foam .须配合卸妆油兼洁面霜方能彻底洁净。

5) Price: RM 60 

I guess many girl will tend to chose pink colour blusher. Personally feel, it will have to match with your outfit and occasion too .3CE Baby peach cream blusher will be the ideal one if you looking for a healthy glowing on your cheek  :P
肌肤苍白者想要有健康宝宝的形象可以考虑使用 3CE baby peach cream blusher 哦。Y(^_^)Y

Attach here with screenshoot of positive feedback of 's customer~ 

If you tempted to buy 3ce product , do contact 

( "like" facebook page, once hit 1k Facebook fans, it will be a special giveaway ~)
Instagram : Hashtag: #skincandyco
Line/ WeChat skincandyco
Whatsapp 011-12717270
Carousell Skincandyco

Apply the discount code "  KIMXSC5  " when you make any purchase , it will entitle you for RM5 off.

RM5 off +  Parents day 10% discount , money save save ~ both promotion privilege will valid til 
30 June  2014~only

Last but not least, if customer bought the stuff , taken photo and #skincandyco at their own social media, they can further enjoy RM5 off for next purchase ~

Thanks for your reading, and have a nice day ~



Saturday, 24 May 2014

Sponsor post:「 HD」Photo personalized Military dog tag

Hi all, 

I just finish a new post on my Chinese blog.its a quality military dog tag, a pretty cool accessories~
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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

HKC Pacific Mini ' Tes Teu Spring / Summer Tea Party 2014 ( free koreacomestic starter kit )

Hi all~ 

Today I would like to show you some throwback tea party scene of   Mini ' Tes Teu Spring / Summer 2014  . Thanks for the invitation of HKC Plaza and Honeyzcube ~

It hosted at Verginese Health and Beauty care ,Johor Bahru.(one of the retailer of HKC plaza product).

                Look at this, this will be the main role today  -- Korea  LJH Cosmetics 

You may ask What is LJH cosmetics? :) 

  LJH (LeeJiHam), is a 20 years-old brand in Korea. It has 60 skin clinics and 1 plastic surgery clinic in Korea. 

              Variety product from HKC plaza ~feel like grab all of them o.o

     Ivan, Person in charge of HKC Plaza (Malaysia and Singapore ) , Introduce us their celebrity product .

LJH Vital cc cream , colour changeable, it appear to be white colour, after spread evenly to the skin, it eventually blend into your skin tone with hyper natural colour ~

LJH BB cream , it helps to healing your skin while provide a nice coverage :) compare with cc cream, this bb cream colour consider a little bit too fair for me.

     Look at this picture :p  left side is the bb cream, right side is the cc cream which appear to be more natural skin colour~

Ivan grant us a chance to try it out their cleanser, we test on the hands which apply bb n cc cream, cleansing ability quite nice~it pass the test :p

 Blind test for HKC product is coming. We are given a paper to fill in which serum and moisturizer is perform nicer eg: absorb ability . And no tips is given , in order to get a fair result ~  after keep exchange my left and right hands to try over 5 product, i feel both of my hands become so smooth~Lolz XD .

Tiffany yong from honeyzcube  is helping us taken the "serum drop "photo, thanks for your effort  , gal :) really have a nice fellowship with you too~

                             Group Photo give credit to : Jennifer

From left to right is Ma Cherie Johor bloggers:   Lerler ,    Jennifer    , KIM ( me ) ,    Eryn ,  Audrey  , Juliana , founder of  Honeyzcube .

We really having fun within these few hours~it was a cozy and wonderful tea party indeed ~

Photo taken by  Jennifer  ~Yee, I don't even realise Jennifer take this photoshoot~

My favorite photo, I love this hairpin so much  ,
Thks photographer:   Jennifer  taken this lovely photo for me :p

Last but not least,  this is just a opening chapter of LJH Cosmetics , I will have a further product review of it. :D Currently, I am trying their  ampoules and smart cream which claim to be all in one function as my night skincare regime.

Currently, if you are already interested in purchasing LJH items, 

You can click the below link

And feel free to contact SkinCandy.Co at 011-12717270 for more details and surprise (discounts!!).


Review part :

Hi all~

Still remember I will review the selected product I receive ? XD personally feel this cleansing foam overall performance not bad.
It is foam type, it succesfully clean my face without dehydrated or stimulate my sensitive skin. I like its light lemon scent, quite comfortable. :) 

More review can visit the following link :)

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Romwe fashion: 48hours sale- Sunny spiker swimwear

Hi all, 

Today i would like to introduce romwe fashion latest swim-wear design: Sunny Spiker Swimwear. White cups with black crossed straps design for the top, echoing the bottom perfectly. The design throws out a casual and sporty vibe. It is the right fit for fashionably sporty girls.


Currently, the Sunny Spiker is only $14.99, 70%off, starting from 9:00AM(GMT), 15.05.2014 .It just last for 48 hours! 


Do grab yours here ~



Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Beauty Review: éclat D'or Hydra Source Mask 超薄丝绸大豆胎盘面膜

Hi all,

Recently I  receive  éclat D'or Hydra Source Mask from hishop for review purpose :)  and it worth RM113 per 
Pack ( 5 pcs ) ,which means approximately RM25 per pcs o.o ". Curious about the speciality of the mask , I browsing the information from hishop :)

Hishop website official introduction :

éclat D'or silk placenta mask series with unique design for five different skin types. This mask series contains the patented extract essence of SephyllaTM with the antioxidant effect of trehalose which moisturizes quickly, repair damaged cells and promote cell regeneration and to resist the signs of aging. Just give it 20 minutes, and it'll allow you to regain compact and tender flawless skin.

The mask series has a thin structure, coupled with nano-infiltration technology, absorptive capacity increase up to 20 times. Hydra source is able to strengthen the skinOs natural defense towards dehydration.

We recommend you to use the mask 3 times a week. For best results, continue using for 1 month.


Aqua, Propyleneglycol, PEG-40 ,Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Hydroxyethyl Plam Amides, Hexadecyl-PG , Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Xanthan Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Selaginella lepidophylla ( Trehalose ) , Aloe Barbadensis ( Aloe Vera ) Leaf Extract, Hamamelis Virginiana ( Witch Hazel ) Bark extract, Tocopherol. 

Caution: discard mask after use, if the Fluid gets into the eyes, wash the eyes immediately with clean water. Not applicable on injured skin, test apply on small skin area is recommended for sensitive skin, discontinue use should there be any discomfort or allergic reaction. 

Kim review

Hmm judge from the official introduction, it was a mask which combine anti- aging, hydrated, renewal skincell function.
Let's  see, is it work on me ~

Pros: 优点
It was a beauty best seller recommended by magazine Nu You , Female, EH! . Mask sheet hyper thin ( mask sheet quality is great  ~) , and perfectly stick to the face, mild to my sensitive skin, the most signicant result is my skin hydrated and feel refresh after apply the mask ^_^

被时尚杂志<女友><Female> <EH!>点名推荐的面膜。面膜的质地好,超服贴。性质温和,没有刺激到我的敏感肌肤。用后感觉更清爽没有黏答答的感觉,补水功能不错〜

Cons: 我不喜欢的是:
Mask sheet abit too large for my face XD . Price abit expensive for me. 

Last but not least, 

There is exclusive RM20 rebate for you ~ 

discount code :


**With minimum purchase of RM99, valid till 31 July 2014 

I spotted hishop got 20% off for the mask pack,
With the discount code I given,  I am sure you can save a lot ~  Click here for mask promotion and other mask function eg: acne rescue ~

Do Follow hishop for latest promotion and giveaway ~
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Website : 

Thanks for your reading,