Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Beauty review: 3ce baby peach cream blusher ( bilingual review )

Hi all,

Today I would like to show you my product review of Korea cosmetic 3CE cream blusher-baby peach ~ This is a product  sponsor by skincandy.co, an online portal which selling authentic Korea
3CEproduct and some Taiwan product.

Website description : cream blush of creamy and silky texture. It's long lasting ,delicate sheen , add liveliness to your cheek.

                                         20g size

Colour look great on hand , you can judge from product name-baby peach ~ a peach colour ,which bring you a healthier glow on cheek :p

         This is my tiredness bare face after work ~omo please spare with this XD

           My skin type: fair skin with sensitive condition 

After apply the iope air cushion , 3ce baby peach cream blusher ,my face look more healthier . 

Some feature I have found after trying it:

1) a small dot (less than 5cents) squeeze from 3ce cream blusher , already can make a very  "peachy " cheek  o.o . 挤出一点点的3ce 腮红就很显色,足以化一个日妆了。

2) Kim 's application method : suggest squeeze abit and spread it evenly on hands,and use fingers apply it on your cheek , the make up effect will look much more natural . while easily to control the colour visible level. Lastly , apply a thin layer of loose powder ~
我的用法: 涂在手背上,将之当成调色盘,弄匀后再用手指涂上双颊,好处是比较容易调节力度和颜色避免下手太重。。(≧∇≦)再上一层松粉就能轻易缔造出自然的蜜桃色粉肌妆容〜

3) lasting for nearly 5hours for me ( indoor ), and doesn't stimulate my sensitive skin. 在室内可持续约5小时,不刺激我的敏感肌肤~

4) cleansing ability: Remove with make up remover and cleansing foam .须配合卸妆油兼洁面霜方能彻底洁净。

5) Price: RM 60 

I guess many girl will tend to chose pink colour blusher. Personally feel, it will have to match with your outfit and occasion too .3CE Baby peach cream blusher will be the ideal one if you looking for a healthy glowing on your cheek  :P
肌肤苍白者想要有健康宝宝的形象可以考虑使用 3CE baby peach cream blusher 哦。Y(^_^)Y

Attach here with screenshoot of positive feedback of skincandy.co 's customer~ 

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  1. The blusher is a bit pricey at RM60 but the colour looks nice! I usually go for pink blusher but like you said, peach is great for a natural glowy look. :3