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Beauty Review: Modbox , the most affordable beauty sample box in Malaysia

Hi all ~

Today I would like to bring you a blogpost regarding to a most affordable beauty sample box :D , I guess all gals will raving for this box XD

Modbox was officially introduced as 
 -- a beauty discovery service in Malaysia. These days where women are tied up with either job or family commitment, many do not have the time to perfect their beauty needs.
 Modbox aims to provide a convenient avenue for women to pamper themselves by sampling and purchasing beauty products right in the comfort of their own home.

In my impression:

Modbox - is a monthly beauty sample box . Each box will contain 3 pieces beauty sample that you chose from Modbox website 

And the price is very affordable , just RM9~! If plus RM6 ( Ship to West Malaysia ) you just need to pay RM15 for it  . Woohoo~ Y(^_^)Y
East Malaysia shipping fee is RM9 :)

 Now, I would like to show you the blogger beauty sample kit I receive from Modbox ~The blogger kit contains all the beauty samples that are up for selection this month . (exclude a Dentiste Oral rinse , which has no stock already >.< )

4 Easy Step to Personalize Your  Modbox 

Head over to Modbox website 

Click " get beauty box -chose your sample"

Then it will pop up the followings: 

Step 1: chose either one :

Shaire London Fragrance Free Dry Shampoo (a full size item cost RM35.90 ~!) vs  Bifesta Eye Make up Remover   30ml size(Retail: RM26.90 for 145ml)

bifesta eye make up remover official introduction  :

Removing stubborn eyeliner and mascara can be such a nightmare. You rub, pull and tug all that delicate skin, and still... you wake up with faint black smudges under your eyes in the morning. 

This water-based eye makeup remover is the solution to your woes. It gently lifts and removes the most stubborn of eyeliners and waterproof mascaras, without you rubbing your eyes like a maniac. 

The best part? Fresh and clean, with no residue, grease or stickiness!

Kim says: 
bifesta is one of the eye make up remover you must try, before i get the modbox kit, i already using this eye make up remover  =) it gently remove your comestic residue ,and i really in love with its water based texture =p

Step 2 :  Chose either one --

Human Nature Overnight Elixir vs Dentiste Plus White Night Time ToothPaste

 i will definitely chose the human nature overnight elixir beauty sample-3ml size. You may ask me why? =p

Have i told you that i am a natural essential oil lover.I will tend to chose the product that got natural ingredients or essential oil . Especially after i saw the product introduction on  website --> The human nature overnight elixir is made with pure botanical active oils such as elemi oil (used by the likes of Chanel and Estee Lauder), lavender oil and rosehip oil .

Key ingredients--

  • Elemi oil that has anti-microbial and antibacterial properties that help to protect skin and keep it clear
  • Lavender oil that softens and moisturises skin
  • Rosehip oil that’s rich in Vitamin A to help in regeneration and slowing down premature ageing; and Vitamin C that brightens skin and makes it glow
  • Natural Vitamin E that helps fight photo-ageing as it is one of the most powerful and potent antioxidants.
I need the anti aging and brightening function ~

Step 3: Mia acne patch  3pcs ( full price for 12 patch is RM 9.90 ) , there are only one choice left, since dentist oral rinse no stock already )

Step 4 : additional sample choice ( it all depends on ,whether you wanna pay extra fee,  in oder to get more beauty sample or not  :p  )

For me I will add in, if I found there are beauty sample I really tempted to try ~

After trying all the beauty sample from your Rm9 Modbox , you satisfied some of them, tempted to buy, 

You can proceed to Modbox website and chose "shop online, purchase beauty products " , really convenient right? Just like a one stop shop, without embrassing situation that go beauty counter ask for beauty freebies XD 

Thanks for your reading :D hope you enjoy my blogpost ~

And visit 
Modbox website to  personalize your own beauty sample box ~



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