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Review + Giveaway: Esui Feminine Hygiene Wash 伊随女性卫生洁净液

Dear all, 

Today I will bring you a product review especially for my female readers :) I think you have get it from my blogpost title :p

In fact, i have been curious about feminine hygiene wash whenever I passby guardian , I will stare at it like few second then go for next purchase target lol . Even I am not a guy, but I gotta admit that I have never use any feminine hygiene wash before that. +_+

Therefore , when eryn ask me am I interested to doing a product review about Esui feminine hygiene wash , I directly say yes ~

photo give credit to :Esui website

Official introduction 

•Nano technology , all natural antiseptic, plant based, natural detoxification, suitable for daily frequent use.

• Based  on standard PH 4.0 , the most suitable pH for feminine hygiene products

• Quick and effective absorption into skin tissues. Mild and gentle, helps to eliminate unpleasant odor and vaginal discharge.

•Lubricates  and tones up vagina muscles, regulates feminine hormone, prevents external vaginal areas from itch and dryness.

•Promotes woman's wellness, improves intimacy . Use with full confidence .

• Whitens external vaginal skin tone 


Purified water, Cocamidoproyl, Pueraria Mirifrica Extract , Quercus infectoria Extract , Labisia Pumila extract, Piper Betle Extract , Aloe Ferox Leaf Extract, Citric Acid, Fragrance, Glycerin, Magnesium Nitrate, Methol, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methyllsothiazolinone.

• Labisia  pumila extracts : rich in estrogen , widely used in post-partum recovery and tones up vaginal walls. 含丰富雌激素,有助于收缩产后子宫及阴道壁。

• Piper betel leaf extracts : A renowned traditional medicine to treat various disorders, neutralizes free radical due to overgrowth of vaginal bacteria. 专用于治疗各种失调,可有效中和阴道菌所产生的自由基。

• Quercus infectoria/ Manjakani extracts : A natural antiseptics. It's unique astringent properties also helps to tone up vaginal epithelial even during daytime. 含天然杀菌,帮助子宫更好收缩。

• Hydrolyzed wheat proteins: excellent absorption, moisturization, and firming effects onto the skins.

Suitable for:

• Ladies of all ages.May start using after experiencing first menstruation til menopause. Also for puberty age young teenager. 月经前后皆可使用。

Directions :clean external vagina areas with water. Pour a small amount of Esui ( size of an about  20cents coin)  ,  leave it about 1 min.then rinse thoroughly with water. Can daily use :)

Not suitable:  when got wounds 有伤口时避免使用, pregnant lady, after give birth 30days then can use, 未来月经的少女。

Tag line: refreshing comfort after 1minute

KIM Review 

Scent : citrus  scent 

Colour: red 朱红色

Made in : France 法国制作

Price: 60ml size RM21.90     150ml size RM47

Available in pharmacy: Watsons, caring, health lane family pharmacy, constant pharmacy , farmasi Alpha.

 After I try Esui , I feel it quite mild , lubricant .It did effectively clean , and bring very comfortable and pleasant feeling to me .Normal body wash totally can't replace it at all ~Furthermore,   it also reduce the armpit odour,therefore i will definitely recommend Esui to my female readers  :)
性质温和,清洁度高,用后带来超舒爽的愉悦感。这并非普通沐浴乳能达到的效果。:) 附加的效果,包括减低腋下气味。

Giveaway section:

Good news , Esui sponsor me Two set ( 2pcs per set ) for giveaway :) ( noted: it will be host on blog and my Facebook fans page )  

You can win one set for you and your BFF , since this is the great product for gals, I am sure you wanna share it with your best friends 姐妹淘 〜

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