Wednesday, 21 May 2014

HKC Pacific Mini ' Tes Teu Spring / Summer Tea Party 2014 ( free koreacomestic starter kit )

Hi all~ 

Today I would like to show you some throwback tea party scene of   Mini ' Tes Teu Spring / Summer 2014  . Thanks for the invitation of HKC Plaza and Honeyzcube ~

It hosted at Verginese Health and Beauty care ,Johor Bahru.(one of the retailer of HKC plaza product).

                Look at this, this will be the main role today  -- Korea  LJH Cosmetics 

You may ask What is LJH cosmetics? :) 

  LJH (LeeJiHam), is a 20 years-old brand in Korea. It has 60 skin clinics and 1 plastic surgery clinic in Korea. 

              Variety product from HKC plaza ~feel like grab all of them o.o

     Ivan, Person in charge of HKC Plaza (Malaysia and Singapore ) , Introduce us their celebrity product .

LJH Vital cc cream , colour changeable, it appear to be white colour, after spread evenly to the skin, it eventually blend into your skin tone with hyper natural colour ~

LJH BB cream , it helps to healing your skin while provide a nice coverage :) compare with cc cream, this bb cream colour consider a little bit too fair for me.

     Look at this picture :p  left side is the bb cream, right side is the cc cream which appear to be more natural skin colour~

Ivan grant us a chance to try it out their cleanser, we test on the hands which apply bb n cc cream, cleansing ability quite nice~it pass the test :p

 Blind test for HKC product is coming. We are given a paper to fill in which serum and moisturizer is perform nicer eg: absorb ability . And no tips is given , in order to get a fair result ~  after keep exchange my left and right hands to try over 5 product, i feel both of my hands become so smooth~Lolz XD .

Tiffany yong from honeyzcube  is helping us taken the "serum drop "photo, thanks for your effort  , gal :) really have a nice fellowship with you too~

                             Group Photo give credit to : Jennifer

From left to right is Ma Cherie Johor bloggers:   Lerler ,    Jennifer    , KIM ( me ) ,    Eryn ,  Audrey  , Juliana , founder of  Honeyzcube .

We really having fun within these few hours~it was a cozy and wonderful tea party indeed ~

Photo taken by  Jennifer  ~Yee, I don't even realise Jennifer take this photoshoot~

My favorite photo, I love this hairpin so much  ,
Thks photographer:   Jennifer  taken this lovely photo for me :p

Last but not least,  this is just a opening chapter of LJH Cosmetics , I will have a further product review of it. :D Currently, I am trying their  ampoules and smart cream which claim to be all in one function as my night skincare regime.

Currently, if you are already interested in purchasing LJH items, 

You can click the below link

And feel free to contact SkinCandy.Co at 011-12717270 for more details and surprise (discounts!!).


Review part :

Hi all~

Still remember I will review the selected product I receive ? XD personally feel this cleansing foam overall performance not bad.
It is foam type, it succesfully clean my face without dehydrated or stimulate my sensitive skin. I like its light lemon scent, quite comfortable. :) 

More review can visit the following link :)

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