Saturday, 14 June 2014

Review: Nikko Maxxi Breast Firming Cream

Hi all~

Today I would like to introduce you a brand new product Nikko Maxxi breast firming cream . Thanks to

Hishop , therefore i can have a chance to try it out :D

                 Not so familiar with the product yet, so I browsing from the website.

And I found  some useful infor. from there :

Nikko Maxxi breast firming cream claim to have following benefit:

1. Instant tightening / lifting effect 紧实提拉

2. Skin firming and breast volume enlargement 肌肤结实,带来丰胸效果

7 No

1. No lanolin
2. No colorant
3. No animal derived ingredients
4. No petrochemical
5. No preservative added /No Paraben 
6. No Comedogenic ingredients
7. No mineral oil

I think many gals will raving for the product haha, since it is a breast enhancement product XD

                                                       50ml size ,RPP: RM180

 the design of product is quite special, just remove the cap and press on it.The breast firming cream will "pop up" le~

                        Its cream type, quite moisture, the scent somehow  I feel got mix with fresh flower scent.But cannot overdose ,if not it would turn out to be "geli" scent.

Directions of use: 

Gently massage cream into entire breast surface from base to top. Massage into inside of breast using circular motion 1-5min., starting , moving along surface to top. Repeat on outside of breast with same circular motion apply until absorbed into skin. Use twice a day, morning and night after shower.
For external use only.

Ingredients : 
Aqua,glycerin, alcohol denat,chlorella vulgaris , lupinus albus protein ferment, garcinia mangostana peel extract, pyrus cydonia seed extract 

Kim review: 

After try about three week,I feel skin is firmer,(not sure is it doing exercise and apply Nikko Maxxi breast firming cream as well . XD 感觉肌肤比较结实,相信是运动兼Nikko breast firming cream 一起配合达到的效果~

Thanks for your reading, if you would like to know more about the product, do check it out at 

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