Friday, 18 July 2014

Beauty Review: Magic Eyes Instant Eyeshadow

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How's your weekend? I believe it must be very fruitful right :) Today I would like to introduce Magic Eyes Instant Eyeshadow to you . According Supermodel secret website  introduction, it is world's  fastest eyeshadow - 10 secs to professional eyeshadow application

        I receive one box Magic Eyes Instant Eyeshadow consist of 6 different eyeshadow pack.

Photo give credit : Supermodel secret website 

After browsing Supermodel secret website , I decided to try it out colour #13 Blue Lagoon (≧∇≦)

        After I take out the eyeshadow patch, One question is puzzle me 

                                               How to apply?? O.O

Refer picture above for official instruction how to use magic eyes instant eyeshadow.

My method:  ( to avoid too vivid eye make up , since I actually prefer light make up ) 
 i found Magic Eyes Instant Eyeshadow really easy to apply, I just put on eyes gently ( 顺着眼形的方向放在眼皮上) without press (切勿挤压) ,Remove it within 3 second , and Viola O.O (三秒内完成单个眼妆)

Some Feature I found

1) Instantly got vivid colour eye shadow ,personally feel it will be more suitable for night make up/party 
look .

2) it doesn't stimulate my sensitive skin.

3) I noticed after two hours, the eye shadow still there ,  hmm the effect consider quite lasting. 

4) Original pack abit smudge, however it doesn't affect the instant eye shadow effect. And sufficient residue is remain after apply.

5) Easily remove with eye make up remover. 

If you don't like blue colour, personally feel

#14 Naturale Browns  will be another good choice too ~there is so many colour I drooling over after browsing Supermodel secret website XD

Photo give credit to : Supermodel secret website 

1 box MYR 29.90 (  6 pairs , allow to mix colours for every box purchase )  

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And dun worry the shipping problem , Supermodel secret website shipped worldwide :D

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warning: more review is coming soon :p



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