Thursday, 28 August 2014

Plus White : 5 minute Speed Whitening System

Hi all, recently I receive few item fromSupermodel's secret Plus White : 5 minute Speed Whitening System is one of the item too, manufactured in U.S.A. They are selling on Supermodel's secret website. I would like to show you ,What's inside the package and their function .

Tartar control pre whitening rinse( for removes plaque on your teeth) , 5 min speed whitening gel, reusable mouth tray ( for put in whitening gel)

                           The whitening gel is transparent gel type.

Apply Plus+White 5 Minute Power Gel Bleaching to the surface

 of your teeth using a cotton swab. 

Allow 3-5 minutes for the full effect (oxygenating action)

 of the whitening action to take place.

After 3-5 minutes thoroughly rinse the remaining Gel

 from teeth with water. Use twice daily for at least two weeks. 

Your teeth will appear whiter within days. 

After two weeks, use once or twice a week or 

a few times a month as needed. 

P.S: Sensitivity to gum like me not suitable to use x.x

Children 12 years and under should consult their dentist. 

We do not recommend people with orthodontic braces or 

anyone suffering from gingivitis use this product.

 Stop usage if irritation or discomfort should occur. 

If you have any further questions consult your dentist.

More information and video please refer  to Supermodel's secret  :) 

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Beauty Review: Sundepil Easy and Effective Hair Removal

Hi all :)

How is your weekend, today I would like to bring you a useful review regarding to hair removal . I feel most of you will need it lol~

Thanks to  Supermodel's secret , i got chance to review Sundepil hair removal tools :)

                 I like the product description : painless XD , personally feel main  purpose of sundepil is for remove hair without pain ( not using blade or chemical Creme ).It pretty cool , isn't it ~

          Open it up, one large Sundepil pad, one small Sundepil pad included.

                                       Front view of large Sundepil pad 
                                              Backside view lol~

Really curious how it work , since it doesn't involve with blade and any chemical product for hair removal o.o 

Secret is : The black pads have micro flex-crystals that gently exfoliate dead skin cells and remove hair.
Really amazing ~

My very first try --

Stick the black sticker on the back of the pinky small  Sundepil pad tool, and i tested on my hands .
Just rub harder few time, and I noticed the hair is removed  effectively without painful .It seems very convenient o.o. But it also cause redness for me after 1 min .I don't think sundepil is good for use on my hands, it abit too harsh for my hand or face skin .

If using the large Sundepil pad tool on my leg, I feel it will be much more suitable XD , I will abit itchy after hair removal but it doesnt cause the major redness . Nevertheless,you gotta rub up n down for few time then it remove the hair . The leg skin after hair remove become smoother. Satisfy the result :)

If you also Tempted to try it Or get to know more details of Sundepil ? You can visit Supermodel's secret :) , currently only sellng at RM19 o.o~

You even can purchase Replacement pad  , once you have fully utilize all  replaceable pad was given :p

Hmm Seems a good deal right, then no more hesitation , just visit 
Supermodel's secret today, not only sundepil product but also more interesting item and great deal waiting  for you ~

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Beauty Review: Secret Key Snow White Milky Pack

Hi all~

Today I would like to bring you a blogpost that regarding to instant whitening :) I believe every gals love having a fairer skin. For me, I really envy those Korea model which feature the beautiful Korea jewelry . Their skin look so flawless and fair ~jus like the below picture XD

Photo give credit : Amogin 

Personally feel my face still can fairer for OOTD Photoshooting  XD . Korea Secret key Snow White Milky Pack from Supermodel's secret ( an online beauty store that shipped worldwide ) , and it just in time to satisfy my needs.

Photo give credit to : Supermodel's secret

It  doesn't contain Paraben, mineral oil , I love this point. :D

Website introduction :

Secret Key Snow White Milky Pack 200ml

Made in Korea

Natural brightening effect resulting in radiant face with no make-up. It can be
used for FACE and BODY. It contains niacinamide (Vitamin B3), a natural
whitening ingredient. Lasts for 10 hours.

1) Cleanse face, hands, and legs lightly and dry your skin with a towel.
2) Apply Snow White Milky Pack evenly on desired areas on Face/Body.
3) After 2-3 minutes, rinse with warm water only for 3 minutes - do not use soap.
5-FREE-System - Suitabe for sensitive skin
No Benzophence | No Mineral Oil | No phenoxy Ethanol | No Parabens |
No Pigment


Hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Snail Extract
Diimport and diedarkan oleh:

Niacinamide contained in milky pack is the key  ingredients for whitening.

                                        Made in Korea, 200g size

                                      Let's try its brightening and effect ~

                            I can feel the texture is cream type 

    In order to test it out its instant whitening function , I purposely test it on left hand partial area :)

Follow instruction

After 2min, I use warm water wash it off( remember don't use soap to wash it off o.o ) .And I found my hands surface seems got one "special protection layer ."
And the testing area (purple "Snow " words in picture above ) turn out to be more slight fairer than the area which doesn't apply Snow White milky pack ( blue " No " words) . And bear in mind ,the instant whitening result will only last for few hours.

For more detail demo video , picture you can visit 

Korea Secret key Snow White Milky Pack 

Price: RM 65 /pcs

If you tempted to buy, there are 

Special Privillege to My readers : 

 just Apply Discount code KIMTAN to get 10% off ~

More amazing beauty or food review will be coming in, so stay tuned ~



Thursday, 14 August 2014

Legoland Starwar Mini land launch at 06.09.2014

                Photo give credit: Legoland 

            Photo give credit: Legoland 



LEGO® Star Wars™ Miniland Model Display, a New Indoor Attraction Set To Open at

LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort


Johor Bahru , 6 August 2014 – The Force will be coming to LEGOLANDÒ Malaysia Resort on 6 September as a brand new LEGO® Star Wars™ Miniland Model Display opens in conjunction with the Resort’s second anniversary. The fully air-conditioned indoor attraction will be the first standalone complex of its kind in Asia where 2,000 LEGO models based on the popular film series have been recreated on a scale of 1:20 using more than 1.5 million bricks.


The themed attraction is housed in a uniquely shaped standalone octagon building and recreates seven of the most famous scenes – six from the beloved Star Wars™ films and one from the smash hit animated series: Star Wars: The Clone Wars™.


Inside the model display, guests will be able to experience a specially designed pre-screening area for a LEGO Star Wars™ movie, followed by a chronological walk through the Star Wars timeline featuring the planets Christophsis, Endor, Geonosis, Hoth, Kashyyyk, Mustafar, Naboo, and Tatooine before having a unique photo opportunity at the Hall of Fame starring main characters Chewbacca, C-3PO, Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, R2-D2, Yoda and much more. The LEGO models are presented on raised platforms and stand 85cm high. There will also be life-sized LEGO models of C-3PO, Darth Vader and R2-D2 built with more than 80,000 LEGO bricks to greet visitors as they make their way into the model display.


Created by dozens of model designers and builders, animation technicians and specialist landscapers, the model display will also feature authentic Star Wars™ sounds, actions and lighting effects to create a realistic and enjoyable experience for the whole family. All the models for this project were built in various locations around the world including Malaysia, Germany and the Czech Republic.


In addition to the amazing displays, there is also a retail store within the complex for guests.


“We are thrilled to present our guests with something truly special for our second anniversary. This model display is one of a kind in Asia and we are confident that it will be an inspiring experience for both our guests and fans of the film,” said Mark Germyn, General Manager, LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort.


According to Germyn, the attraction cost more than RM6 million to build and is the biggest development at the Park this year. As a catalyst project in Iskandar, the Resort will continue to grow stronger tourism value and attract more international visits by adding a new element annually to ensure guests have exciting reasons to visit.


Throughout the month of September, various LEGO Star Wars activities have been lined up to commemorate the anniversary celebrations. Amongst this is free entry for children dressed up as their favourite Star Wars™ characters. The promotion will be from 6th – 30th Sept 2014. Additionally, Annual Pass holders will enjoy a special preview periods from 1-5 Sept before the attraction opens to the public. All valid Annual Pass holders will be required to sign up online for the preview. or call the reservation office at +607-597-8888 for more details on the promotions, and keep up-to-date with our exciting activities on Twitter at and
Instagram at

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

La Vie En Rose Your Favourite Role Voting Contest

Hi, do you still remember Ma Cherie's Debut Project- La Vie En Rose? 

If you wanna recall it, do visit to read the first to the last story. (link at bottom of the page)

We are back!!! And this time, with a GIVEAWAY! 

Just vote for your favorite La Vie En Rose character and you may walk away with wonderful prizes 

Do click on this link to join it. *Giveaway is open to Malaysians only.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Wishtrend .com August 2014 Promotion

Hi all, are you a Korea skincare or comestic lover? If you are, I wanna introduce  an awesome website Wishtrend to you~

 Wishtrend  is a global Korea beauty website that selling variety Korea skincare , bodycare, beauty box, comestic beauty tools ~

Look at below, you can find all of them at  Wishtrend ~

1) Korea skincare <3

2) Different theme beauty box --Wish Box 

3) Beauty Steal ( with a super great deal price )

4) Beauty tools

This August -- Wishtrend  have variety great promotion exclusive for you.

Free shipping zone : shop at Wishtrend free shipping area, you no need to pay the international shipping fee, money save save :D  

 you will receive a  Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Mask (1.99 USD valued) as a FREE gift this month with any purchase on Wishtrend . 

Remember key in voucher code during check out :D 

Klairs Rich Moist Shooting Mask

  • Gift Voucher Code: WISHGIFTAUGUST2014
  • Until the end of August 2014



If you purchase  $55 USD and over then you can further enjoy 10% off by key in Coupon Code: WISHAUGUST2014  

           ** terms and condition:  cannot combine other discount or voucher code 

Read until here, What are you still waiting for ? Just  Visit Wishtrend ,grab your own korea comestic ~

Thanks for your reading, see ya ~ 



Friday, 1 August 2014

Beauty Review: Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner Galaxy Black And Golden Brown

Hi all~ 

I receive two shimmering colour of Taiwan Brand Miss Hana eyeliner for review purpose ~

The new packaging of Natta Cosme look so cool and mystery XD

                                         Open up the mystery box :D

1) First item that captivate my attention is  Miss Hana Eyeliner 02 -Galaxy Black 银河黑(银粉)

              It claim 24 hours water resistant , non smudge, easily to remove. 

                                Black colour as I expected 

I like the galaxy black , even I tested it by draw words on my hands, it appeared not very solid, not consider very shimmering.However, when I apply it to my eyes, omg , the effect is great. .

I found my eyes immediately 有神 and 水汪汪。Sorry , really cannot find perfect description other than  mandarin word XD And it's quite easily to draw. It will be a good tools for make up beginner too ~

2)   Miss Hana Eyeliner 04 - Golden Brown 星光棕 

                    Shelf life: 3 yrs from manufacturing date. Weight: 1.5 g
Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, trimethylsiloxysilicate,(+/-) Silica, titanium dioxide, tocopherol, polyethylene,Mica, Iron Oxides, Microcrystalline wax, methicone.

               It's a shimmering brown ,judge from the appearance :)

The colour turn out to be natural, in my eyes, it was a combination of black, shimmering brown 

                Golden Brown colour quite natural on me too, like it   金棕色也有神,也很自然

For both eyeliner pen, I concluded :


1) it's quite easily to draw. It will be a good tools for make up beginner  ~
2) Waterproof  not bad, have to rub heavily , then the eyeliner will fade. 
3) Easily remove  with eye make up remover .( I use bifesta brand remove it :p )
4) Affordable price 

Disadvantage: within three hours, I found  my left eyes eyeliner colour is fade, wondering is it because I rub it off.
4hours plus my right eyes also fade off .

Currently, If you tempted to own one, good news for you~!
 It is only selling at RM24.90 at Natta Cosme! (Original price: RM34.90) You can get it from here~

Furthermore,  Natta Cosme will be having a 20% off for Miss Hana
Gel Eyeliner, simply key in "MHES 20" during check out .
This code is only valid until 31/08/2014. :D

Do visit the following website for latest promotion and giveaway ~

Natta Cosme official website:
Natta Cosme Facebook page:
Natta Cosme Instagram:

Thanks for your reading, more beauty review is coming soon :)


Posing as lee min ho I saw at the heirs , the korea drama lol~ feeling fun when having some selfie lol XD