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Beauty Review: Secret Key Snow White Milky Pack

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Today I would like to bring you a blogpost that regarding to instant whitening :) I believe every gals love having a fairer skin. For me, I really envy those Korea model which feature the beautiful Korea jewelry . Their skin look so flawless and fair ~jus like the below picture XD

Photo give credit : Amogin 

Personally feel my face still can fairer for OOTD Photoshooting  XD . Korea Secret key Snow White Milky Pack from Supermodel's secret ( an online beauty store that shipped worldwide ) , and it just in time to satisfy my needs.

Photo give credit to : Supermodel's secret

It  doesn't contain Paraben, mineral oil , I love this point. :D

Website introduction :

Secret Key Snow White Milky Pack 200ml

Made in Korea

Natural brightening effect resulting in radiant face with no make-up. It can be
used for FACE and BODY. It contains niacinamide (Vitamin B3), a natural
whitening ingredient. Lasts for 10 hours.

1) Cleanse face, hands, and legs lightly and dry your skin with a towel.
2) Apply Snow White Milky Pack evenly on desired areas on Face/Body.
3) After 2-3 minutes, rinse with warm water only for 3 minutes - do not use soap.
5-FREE-System - Suitabe for sensitive skin
No Benzophence | No Mineral Oil | No phenoxy Ethanol | No Parabens |
No Pigment


Hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Snail Extract
Diimport and diedarkan oleh:

Niacinamide contained in milky pack is the key  ingredients for whitening.

                                        Made in Korea, 200g size

                                      Let's try its brightening and effect ~

                            I can feel the texture is cream type 

    In order to test it out its instant whitening function , I purposely test it on left hand partial area :)

Follow instruction

After 2min, I use warm water wash it off( remember don't use soap to wash it off o.o ) .And I found my hands surface seems got one "special protection layer ."
And the testing area (purple "Snow " words in picture above ) turn out to be more slight fairer than the area which doesn't apply Snow White milky pack ( blue " No " words) . And bear in mind ,the instant whitening result will only last for few hours.

For more detail demo video , picture you can visit 

Korea Secret key Snow White Milky Pack 

Price: RM 65 /pcs

If you tempted to buy, there are 

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More amazing beauty or food review will be coming in, so stay tuned ~



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