Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Beauty Review: Sundepil Easy and Effective Hair Removal

Hi all :)

How is your weekend, today I would like to bring you a useful review regarding to hair removal . I feel most of you will need it lol~

Thanks to  Supermodel's secret , i got chance to review Sundepil hair removal tools :)

                 I like the product description : painless XD , personally feel main  purpose of sundepil is for remove hair without pain ( not using blade or chemical Creme ).It pretty cool , isn't it ~

          Open it up, one large Sundepil pad, one small Sundepil pad included.

                                       Front view of large Sundepil pad 
                                              Backside view lol~

Really curious how it work , since it doesn't involve with blade and any chemical product for hair removal o.o 

Secret is : The black pads have micro flex-crystals that gently exfoliate dead skin cells and remove hair.
Really amazing ~

My very first try --

Stick the black sticker on the back of the pinky small  Sundepil pad tool, and i tested on my hands .
Just rub harder few time, and I noticed the hair is removed  effectively without painful .It seems very convenient o.o. But it also cause redness for me after 1 min .I don't think sundepil is good for use on my hands, it abit too harsh for my hand or face skin .

If using the large Sundepil pad tool on my leg, I feel it will be much more suitable XD , I will abit itchy after hair removal but it doesnt cause the major redness . Nevertheless,you gotta rub up n down for few time then it remove the hair . The leg skin after hair remove become smoother. Satisfy the result :)

If you also Tempted to try it Or get to know more details of Sundepil ? You can visit Supermodel's secret :) , currently only sellng at RM19 o.o~

You even can purchase Replacement pad  , once you have fully utilize all  replaceable pad was given :p

Hmm Seems a good deal right, then no more hesitation , just visit 
Supermodel's secret today, not only sundepil product but also more interesting item and great deal waiting  for you ~

Thanks for your reading, 
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