Thursday, 28 August 2014

Plus White : 5 minute Speed Whitening System

Hi all, recently I receive few item fromSupermodel's secret Plus White : 5 minute Speed Whitening System is one of the item too, manufactured in U.S.A. They are selling on Supermodel's secret website. I would like to show you ,What's inside the package and their function .

Tartar control pre whitening rinse( for removes plaque on your teeth) , 5 min speed whitening gel, reusable mouth tray ( for put in whitening gel)

                           The whitening gel is transparent gel type.

Apply Plus+White 5 Minute Power Gel Bleaching to the surface

 of your teeth using a cotton swab. 

Allow 3-5 minutes for the full effect (oxygenating action)

 of the whitening action to take place.

After 3-5 minutes thoroughly rinse the remaining Gel

 from teeth with water. Use twice daily for at least two weeks. 

Your teeth will appear whiter within days. 

After two weeks, use once or twice a week or 

a few times a month as needed. 

P.S: Sensitivity to gum like me not suitable to use x.x

Children 12 years and under should consult their dentist. 

We do not recommend people with orthodontic braces or 

anyone suffering from gingivitis use this product.

 Stop usage if irritation or discomfort should occur. 

If you have any further questions consult your dentist.

More information and video please refer  to Supermodel's secret  :) 

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