Friday, 26 September 2014

Beauty Review:(Korea) ARITAUM honey melting tint Lipstick

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I receive Aritaum honey melting tint lipstick from for product review :) it's lucky 7 
No.7 Coral candy ~ 

               Photo give credit to 

Korea brand lipstick actually give me a deep impression, their colour always so sharp. 

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No.3 qiansongyi colour look nice too ~ :D  I want it too , my cupboard lack of one lipstick forever XD 

                          Tada~ what a lovely lipbalm I receive from 


Colour: judge from the appearance , look like sharp orangey red.However, I have try few way that can reach different effect.


using a lipbrush to apply lipstick on your lip. Then apply the lipbalm 
The result will be perfectly beautiful n natural~look coral red 小红色on my lips (≧∇≦)

Achieve very sharp colour: ( just like poster model above) 
Apply lipstick directly on your lips, and apply the lipbalm. And it achieve sharp cranberry red on my lips.

         Actually the lip colour is quite sharp , just the photo above look like normal XD 

P.s: (saw from make up tv programme -Korea 咬唇妆)


Lipstick Moisture : average 

Texture: not creamy or glossy type 

Scent: mad love with its sweet peach scent , it smell so good, it really successfully seduce me to apply more often lol~

Price: RM49.00 , to be true, if compare with 3ce those Korea brand lipstick, this is really a very affordable price .

Other key point: quite easily remove 

Made in Korea 

Interested find out more colour, (eg.qian song yi pink colour :p )

Do Click here   ~

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if you are Korea jewelry lover just like me. Good news for you, also selling it 

            Try posing as the lipstick poster  model  lol~really alot pattern ya. ---> Me :p

Thanks for your reading ,
More review is coming soon :) 

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