Thursday, 2 October 2014

Beauty Review: Realash Eyelash Enhancer

Hi all, recently I receive Realash Eyelash Enhancer for review purpose :) I guess having a doll-like (long ,thick and black) natural eyelashes is every gal 's dream :) that's the main reason I keen to try it out Realash eyelash enhancer.

 Realash Cosmetics is based in France and now they are expanding their business to Asian market. :D

According to Dr.Suzane Strauss, “REALASH is a completely safe eyelash enhancer, which stimulates lashes to grow. It doesn't irritate eyes, cause allergies or change the retina's color - a common and undesirable effect of low quality enhancers available on the market. REALASH fulfills all safety requirements, and above all, satisfies customers.”

This product is suitable for people with sensitive eyes, eyelash extensions, contact lenses wearers .However it is NOT recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding, actively undergoing chemotherapy, or under the age of 18.

 Realash is made up of  collagen ,hyaluronic acid ,natural mango and papaya fruit extracts, bitter orange flowers extract and sabal palm extract ...etc 

According website information:

By applying Realash once a day (preferable after removing your make up), it will gives you 25% longer, 84% thicker, strong, shiny and luscious eyelashes after 3 months. 

Rm169 per pcs.kinda pricey , really looking forward to its effect ~ 

Application for the Realash eyelash enhancer :

Every night apply on the skin of eyelid, just like a liquid eyeliner. :)

3ml size , heard it can last for 4-5 month XD 

Wanna read more review?

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Tempted to buy Or looking for more realash information? 
Visit their website,Facebook and Instagram :D



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