Saturday, 8 November 2014

Beauty Review: Realash Eyelash Serum Part 2

Hi all~

Still remember one month ago , I have post out the first part review of Realash eyelash serum? 

If you forget already, can click the followings to recall your memory :p

This is the comparison picture after one month I apply Realash . From the picture, you can see my eyelash become curler.

And this is the comparison picture between before and after apply Realash one month (with Lancôme mascara) . Hmm from the picture, I feel my eyelash seems longer than one month ago. XD

Haha, love to see it did have a little bit result on me . Y(^_^)Y 

Wanna see my third month result after apply Realash? Hehe it gonna be next year January ~
P.s: Really hoping I can have a thicker and darker doll like lashes :p 
Then can save cost to buy any mascara ~

Thanks for your reading :) feel free to visit my mandarin blog too. I have alot updates there recently. 


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