Sunday, 9 November 2014

Hellokitty 40th Anniversary @Hellokitty town , Johor Bahru

Hi all~

Today feel like share with you the picture I taken at the hello kitty 40th anniversary event (The third day and the last day too)  @Johor Bahru hello kitty town ~

I was lucky  enough to won  one pair hellokitty town ticket for visit the anniversary event :)

This kitty combination is so attractive, before step in hello kitty town I must taken photo with them ~

                                          Alice in wonderland version ~

                                                Kitty dreamy wedding 

                                        Felinda and me :D

             They are so fury and soft ~

                 Melody is so lovely ~

               Kitty in Cupid version :p

Hellokitty town got different activity you can queque up to do, such as decorate kitty cookies , and this ~

      Inside the Kitty house 

           I love the kitty jewelry (☆_☆)

               Lovely cafe :p

First time saw kitty couple perform the hit song, especially it happen on the 40th anniversary day~such a meaningful day. P.s: Felinda was non stop laughing , feel amusing saw the kitty sing and dance xD

Before I leaving, I actually go around the flea market . yay, shopping time :p
bought few pair of Korea earring and collect a free Cleo magazine ~ today is such a fruitful  day. :)

If you wanna go back the Johor Bahru town area eg: Larkin bus station , custom (opposite citysquare) you can take the bus in front of hellokitty town. The time schedule is every hours got one bus for weekend ~ cost me only RM4 for going back custom(citysquare ) ~

Hopefully next time can visit the magnum sport cafe too~ as time is tight, so we doesn't make it for this time :)

Hope you enjoy the reading, love ya

Best regards.



  1. Thanks for the tag in FB, Kim! The pix are all so pretty. I was at Legoland just last month but many M'sians told me it's not worth paying to go so I skipped. It's great to go on kitty's anniversary since they've more activities there. Love it!

    1. Ya, I heard it too. Since it just double storey, not big as legoland .but kitty fans will raving for it, since alot kitty deo there ~ can't stop snap pic :D

  2. Everything is so kawaii!! I must visit it sometime, because I love Hello Kitty, hehe~ Sure non-stop snap pictures everywhere. Looks like you had fun there too, ^^

    1. Ya, Laura. Got kitty house. Inside the deco is so lovely~ I no time having tea at their lovely cafe XD