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Review: Ludeya Bio Cellulose Mask ,Simply Red bean drink and Simply Barley drink

Hi all~

Today I would like to introduce a Taiwan popular mask series -Ludeya bio cellulose mask and simply drink -red bean , barley to all of you  :)

Feeling excited when I knew that Selina from S.H.E is the ambassador for  ludeya .and Malaysia beauty blogger chanwon also is one of the ludeya fans,she highly recommend ludeya bio cellulose mask as a must try item , it stir up my interest to try on it xD

First of all, I think I should explain to you 

What is bio cellulose mask? 新一代生物纤维材质

Answer is:

Bio cellulose was used as substitute for burnt skin on medical, it was known as "artificial skin" .Its characteristics of breathable but waterproof . Ludeya bio cellulose series using the latest exclusive technology of bio cellulose - bio fermentation 's skingel, produced by using 21 days and form with very low temperature , the structure is exactly like human skin, can completely bond with skin, effectively penetrate the essence deep into skin.

Ludeya bio cellulose mask add in algae polyphenol extract (神奇海藻奇迹精华)for achieve the best result for skin repairing , brightening, and hydrating. 

Directions to use:

  三层中只有中间那层半透明mask 须敷在脸上。

1) Take out the mask, spread the mask, remove the pearl paper layer ( white layer ) .
2) Place the bio cellulose mask onto your face ( the side that after removing white layer) 
3) Remove the outer blue layer, gently press with fingers on the mask, so it can fully covered your face.
4) Wait for 20-30min, then remove the mask, no need rinse off. 

Kim review: 

Common point for three mask( pink, silver white  , black )

Ludeya mask size abit small for my "broad face" lol~ this mask is perfectly stick to my face,just like my second skin. And given me chill cold feel even on day time. It doesn't  stimulate my sensitive skin.
All of them I apply on my face 20min-30min.

1) Hydro White Moisturizing  ( silver white packaging ) 微针净白生物纤维面膜

Function : Deep Whitening + Hydrating ,Brightening and Anti dullness 亮白保湿

Special added the most effective & premium whitening ingredients : Vitamin B5, Vitamin C, wisdom hydrating factors, micro & big particles of hyaluronan acids, which effectively brightening skin, Hydrating while make sure every single cell is filled with the necessary moisture.

For normal skin type.

Kim review: 

Not serum /liquid type mask, it is white cream type o.o . After apply and remove the mask, I feel comfortable and look clean . Hydrate function just normal, not much as pink one .

2)Brightening Moisturizing ( black packaging  ) ludeya 微针修复生物纤维面膜

Function: Intensive Repairing & Rejuvenating 着重于修复

Special added the most effective & premium skin repairing ingredients: BeauActive MTPS , algae extracts, wisdom hydrating factors, micro & big particles of hyaluronan acids , effectively stimulate cell division  and regeneration to enhance process of skin repair in order to maintain skin's elasticity and vitality . Effectively enhance skin collagen , prevent wrinkles and anti dullness.

for normal skin type.

Kim review: 

It is white cream type too, feel ultra comfortable with the mask aroma ,to be true  I can't bear to take it off xD .i guess you may fall asleep too if you lying on your bed :p 

After apply, i feel my face more hydrate and it~!

3) Ludeya Rejuvenating Moisturizing ( pink packaging ) ludeya 微针保湿生物纤维面膜 

Function : Intensive hydrating & Moisturizing , Skin Pores Refining  此面膜着重于保湿。

Special added the most effective & premium hydrating ingredients : Tremella fuciformis sporocarp extract , vitamin b5 , wisdom hydrating  factors , micro & big particles of hyaluronan acids, the fine molecules penetrate deeply and rapidly into the skin, effectively hydrating while make sure every single cell is filled with the necessary moisture.

For normal skin type.

Kim review: 

Its Serum type, very hydrate, and comfortable after apply the mask, and I found my pores less visible if compare with the previous photo . Sorry for the skin colour difference, I reckon it was because taken photo on different corner of the room xD 

Overall, this mask is suit me most since I got big pore and dehydrated skin. Recommended :D 

Haha, i really enjoy to trying those awesome  mask ~  people says beauty come from the inner, :p
So we need to consume Healthy anti aging drink too to make our beauty plan more perfect :D

Simply barley water and Simply red bean water Official website introduction: 

Mutual point of barley and red bean water :

Simply Red Bean drink 

The taste very plain , only got a little bit organic red bean flavours ,so I guess it will only goes well with my EMGRAIN  oat drink .

During my period day i drank it and No side effect for me at all. :)

The most visible effect for me is simply red bean drink Can helps to solve the constipation (帮助通便) xD however, do not overdose :p I still remember got one time I drink twice per day and the following days go toilet like three time for "大号" lol~xD 

My dad told me red bean is heat type food , therefore I will consume it like few day once since I am heat type body x.x  (热性体质)。避免身体发热 上火 xD

Simply Barley water

Iqueen website official introduction : 

Barley ownself got whitening effect this is one 中医aunt ever told me. One  of the secret recipe to fairer my  skin, is consume barley (薏仁 )  :) 
Furthermore,  barley also can 祛水。

As for Simply barley drink -The taste and colour look plain, only got a  little bit barley flavours, so I feel it will be good, if just simply add in sugar. :)

this drink suit me, since barley is consider as herbal tea (凉茶 )〜my heat type body need it for sure :p

Another great method if you dislike the barley taste , you can even add it on honey lemon drink , since the lemon sour taste is more than enough for cover the light barley taste :p
Lemon got vitamin c too, plus barley , woohoo it become an superb whitening skin drink for summer~~:D

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Thanks for your reading :)
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