Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Review: Realash eyelash enhancer final part

Hi all~

Today I would like to show you the result after I try the Realash eyelash enhancer for three month :D 

If you have forget my previous review of Realash , can click here to recall your memory :)

Now let me show you the comparison photo : before using realash  vs. after using Realash three month :)

This is the photo i haven't using Realash yet .

After three month using Realash:

The photo that i haven't use Realash yet ( with mascara )

After three month using Realash ( with mascara ) 

To be frank, I have a natural curl and long lash that "inherit " from my mum , therefore I doesn't expect any visible result when I trying the realash xD . However, Realash did change my mind after two month using. It did help my lashes become more perfect, now I look at the mirror, my lash is more longer and curler. I have a doll- like lashes  even doesn't apply any mascara xD  love it.~
Furthermore, one  bottle of realash eyelash enhancer actually can consume more than three month :) 

I will definitely continue use it even after three month product review period :p 

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