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Beauty review: Yufit Bodyboom Anti Cellulite Slimming Mousse and Ludeya V line Chin Mask

Hi all~

How is your Chinese New Year :)  ,time flies  , after five day rest , today I start to work again x.x
I hope you doesn't get  fat in just one week xD if you do, maybe you can try some slimming product :p
Today I would like to show you some Korea slimming product --Yufit Bodyboom cooling / heating .
And Taiwan ludeya v line chin mask .

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O.o I just found Yufit Bodyboom is aim for anti cellulite too xD , omo maybe I am just focus on slimming , overlook about it :p

Before Chinese New Year , I receive two of them , love ya :) 

Cooling and heating type.150ml size each.Same Function .Just according your preference to chose any one of it.

                   Made in Korea

Key Ingredients : Caffeine and BODYFIT tm

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                             Shake well 30 second before you spray 

Normally I will spray on my palm and massage evenly. Yufit Bodyboom once touch skin, got zizi sound which just similar to claypot lol.

                              Semi transparent bubble 

                           massage evenly 

I got sensitive skin , therefore I chose cooling type Yufit Bodyboom to try . It got light peppermint scent .
After apply awhile, the product applied area given me continuously  cooling feel . Dun worry , Not icy cold xD . It doesn't stimulate my sensitive skin ,like this point :)

I apply on my right hand and tummy about three week .( usage depends on how many area you apply )

Judge from the photo, after one bottle (I finish it about three week) 
 my right hand become slimmer. And the tummy area I feel got slighter slim . In future, ii would like to continuing consume to see more significant result :D

Price : RM69.00

Where to buy and more information visit :  

For heating type , more information visit : 

Ludeya v line chin mask official ambassador is Selina from S.H.E :) , it look very grand with the golden packaging :D

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Photo give credit : 

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                                      Four pieces for one box ,10ml each 

                   V line chin mask is aim for hydrating , lifting, rejuvenating 

                   Photo give credit : 

Key ingredients : six peptides(for firming and combat fine line) witch hazel extract,hyaluronic acid (locking the moisture )

Shelf life : 3 years 

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          Photo give credit : 

             Taken one photo before I using ludeya v line chin mask. 

                        Photo give credit : 

                     Read carefully the instruction before apply the mask :)

                    Open up the mask satchet

                   I like the product idea, and 挂式 mask . 

                    Mask size just perfectly fit me. Very comfortable. Serum type mask .

After 30min, i remove the mask, i really enjoy the masking time :D 
The most significant result I feel is hydrate. :) I will  continuing consume ludeya v line chin mask for anti aging , lifting purpose. 

Price ( 4pcs) : RM52.70

Where to buy and more information visit :

Thanks for your reading, see ya :)



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