Sunday, 1 February 2015

Review: Sexylook superior moisturizing black mask

Hi all~

Recently I have try some- awesome mask . I totally in love with it , today i will sharing the awesome product with you :p

    Sexylook superior black mask -- Yellow , is targeted for moisturizing . Pink for whitening , blue for hydration.

                    Even the taiwan celebrity also raving for the result o.o

         Thanks to , I can try three type of superior black mask. :D   

        I think I need this :)

                    Each black mask cloth  is 100% cotton .

(Yellow) Sexylook superior black mask key ingredients and function  :

Hyaluronic acid ( seal the moisture ) , snail mucin ( revitalize skin )  , aloe vera extract ( soothing ) , chamomile extract ., gold (best absorption ) , protection skin .

           After browsing so many function of it, I really can't wait to try xD

                               Taken one selfie before apply the mask :)

Whole sexy look black mask cloth is enrich with serum , serum abit sticky .Omg i can't stop to touch the mask cloth over and over again o.o
So moisturizing and smooth feel . Really got big different vs the mask I have try before O.O .  Test once, you will know what I mean xD

I apply the mask about 20 minutes, after remove, I feel amazed with its instant whitening effect.

 It doesn't stimulate my sensitive skin. :)
I can feel my face is clean and moisturizing . Love it so much ~ and the mask serum can just leave it on my face , no need to wash it off :D

Somemore , it come with an Affordable price: 5 pcs per box , only RM19.20 ~~
about RM3.80 ++ for  one pcs xD 

Read until here, in case you tempted  to buy any . I will just attach the product link for you :p

Purchase Sexylook  black mask  :

More variety beauty product from korea and taiwan can get it from 

Instagram id : iqueenmy

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